After spending 3 intense days in the capital of Nepal - Kathmandu, it was time to move on and discover more of this exciting country. My next destination was Pokhara, which is located about 200 Km west of Kathmandu.

For the transport I decided to take a local bus which was roughly 7$ and took around 8 hours for the 200 Km drive. Yes, that's an average speed of less than 30 Km/h - Ha! But to be fair it was quite obvious why it took so long to drive such a small distance - Mountain roads all over! And not the kind of nice and perfectly constructed roads, no , It was more a heavy mix of holes and stones which lead all the way down to Pokhara. Nice experience!


The actual driving time is a bit less as you can see in the map above. We did take some stops for buying snack and going to the restroom.


At around 14:00 PM I arrived in Pokhara. Sitting on the bag seat of an small measured bus was quite exhausting for a person with long legs. But I did enjoy it as the landscape was in some parts just stunning. Also, it seems that there is fork everywhere around Nepal after lunch time. Maybe it was the seasons but it was overall pretty foggy.

When we arrived at the bus stop It started to rain super heavy and I still had to look for a driver who can bring me to my hostel in central Pokhara. After running around the heavy rain I managed to find a driver who was free to give me a lift.

As I was quite tired from the bus drive I did not do to much for the rest of the day. Just ordered some food, took a shower and managed to rent a scooter for the next day.


My plan for the day was as always not really existing :D I just looked around after breakfast and picked a mountain on which I wanted to drive up. Also the guy at the hostel desk recommend it. "I already mentioned a couple of times in previous articles, that I don't trust the internet recommends to much and I always prefer to talk to the locals of the area I'm in". - Just spontaneous.









I absolutely loved the green beautiful nature with fresh air around me. When ever I took a stop to take a picture, locals spotted me and mostly had a small chat with me. Nepalese people do speak very good English in my opinion and are very open to have a conversation. Also the countless smiles I got from the locals in this area was priceless.



On the peak of the mountain I chose there was this incredible view down to the lake of Pokhara.



After driving down the mountain I took some lunch in one of the small restaurants which I saw beside the road. Nepalese food is definitely in my Top 3 around the world foods. Its just sooo delicious and always fresh prepared.

For the afternoon I decided to drive to a neighbor city to visit on of the "Tibetan refugee camps" called Tashi Ling.

Tashi Ling - Tibetan Refugee Camp

The camp Is located inside the city of Chhorepatan which give exile to Tibetan refugees since 1951 (During the time of the Chinese invasion in Tibet).


You can visit the camp for free. What I recommend you is to support the Tibetans on the end of your visit with a little purchase of some of the handcraft items. You can buy a lot of stuff around the camp. From carpets to a small key holder - Totally up to you how you want to support them.












As you can see there are also a lot of animals living along the Tibetans in this camp. Don't be afraid to pass those sometimes very surprised looking little friends ;) - Well, I was at some points.. ^o^

On the end of my walk through the camp one of the women who sells some goods in her shop showed me a little bit more around inside the small temple where the young monks live and go to school.





I stayed around 2 hours in this location before I said goodbye and left. It was interesting to see how this people live there nowadays and which quite interesting stories they had to tell.

As the day was long and the sun started to go down I decided to drive back to Pokhara to have dinner and some rest back at the hostel.




After a perfect day I went to bed quite early to think about the conversations and impressions I had. What a nice place!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour with me through Pokhara! :)

Thanks for reading.



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