The things what happening around Travelfeed really gave me an extra boost of motivation on staying and spending quite a big amount of time on Steemit. I love seeing things happening and improving. I'm super glad to support the team by curating some of the awesome posts around this platform. Cheers!

phortun @phortunAugust 2019

When I was writing the post, I didn´t even know you were a member of the team, Julian actually told me and I was really excited about that :) I think you made a great choice Chris, this project has a tremendous potential and with Julian working on it so hard, it is simply destined to succeed ;)

Ha! Oh yeah I totally agree - Travelfeed was the very first team which got in contact with me after I started on Steemit so I really want to give something back by supporting them and of course, It's great having such an amazing team around. Cheers Peter!