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It was in May 2015 when I decided to discover the Island with the most "centenarian" (People who have lived a century) on our planet (90% of them are women) on Okinawa Island, Japan. Currently more than 400 centenarian people live on Okinawa.

Back in 2015 when I still used to live in Taiwan it was not difficult for me to find a cheap and fast flight to Okinawa. The flight took about 1.5h and cost around 80$. So it really was a prefect destination to visit from my location at this time. The weather also was pretty simular to the weather in Taiwan (Hot & Humid), ha!



Naha, Okinawa

So my journey started in Naha, the capital city of Okinawa with a population of around 320.000 people. After throwing my luggage into my Hostel room I went out to discover the quite small but pretty cool looking city of Naha. The infrastructure for transportation was very well working - just as I expected. You pretty much can take the skytrain to any part of the city.



In total I spend 4 days in Naha, which would probably be to much for the most people, as Naha honestly isn't a super exciting city.. But in my opinion it has its very own charm and it's sometimes not a bad thing staying in a more quiet and relaxed city if you are used to other crazy crowded Citys, ha!
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🍜 🍜 Food 🍜 🍜

Eating japanese food was actually one of my main activities on this Island ^o^.. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE Japanese Food!

There was even one place where you have to wait for about 2 hours to eat the most famous RAMEN Noodles on Okinawa Island. The place was called "Ryukyu Shinmen Tondo" , I know it sounds crazy but it was really worth to wait 2 hours for your Noodles! - (And, you also pick a number and basically can go somewhere else to don't just stay around waiting which could indeed be very boring ^-^ -). Just make sure that you dont go there with an empty stomache before you pick your number.


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Chef @ Ryukyu Shnmen Tondo

Ramen Noodles @ Ryukyu Shnmen Tondo
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Yes, I had to try another bowl ^-^
The Ramen Restaurant was really incredible and it was a whole new experience eating a dish u thought you know for many years. It tasted just to different to all the other Ramen I had before.
On day 3 in Naha I went to an famous Steakhouse, as I (of course) had to try the world famous Ishigaki Beef - What I need to mention here is that I payed around 60$ for 200g of Ishigaki Beef - Ouch!
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60$ Ishigaki Beef
Was it worth it ? - That's a bit hard to answer, the Steak was fantastic and also the best one i've ever had, but paying 60$ for 200g of Beef is just to expensive in my opinion. It was nice to have this experience but I would not spend this much money for a steak again I think ^--^.

Okuma Beach, Okinawa

As Okinawa is an Island I of course had to stay some days on the beach as well. So I decided to stay near the Okuma Beach in an guesthouse in an really quiet and relaxed area for my last 2 days. The water was super clear and perfect for some snorkeling and swimming.

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View from above into the clean & turquoise water
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Sunset Okuma Beach
Overall I have to say it was an nice and relaxed travel. You probably will not find the most extrem adventures on Okinawa Island, but you forsure can have a good relaxed time and enjoy some really good Restaurants and delicious local food.
Im still not so sure what it is that people on Okinawa get so old, but after talking to some people I also think its the food (tons of seaweed"!!) and the good air from the sea.
Thanks for reading ! :))

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