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Saturday April 6th, it's 18:30 PM and I finally arrived in Delhi after being awake for more than 35 hours. The Visa process in the airport was surprisingly fast and I took a taxi to my hostel about 30 min after landing. My first impression while looking out of the window from the taxi was "Damn, there are a lot of soldiers outside" - "Did I miss something?" - As I later figured out, in the whole area around the airport and a couple of km into the city its all a huge military area with schools and training camps. Fair enough!
At 19:30 I arrived at my hostel, Checked in and went up to the rooftop to have dinner and a cold beer. That felt good! Even my brain was running on Standby and my body told me to go to sleep. After almost 40 hours I finally found my way into bed with very exciting thoughts about the upcoming days.

I have to warn you, if you are looking for a guide for famous buildings or historical monuments in and around Delhi - This might be the wrong article for you. I will show you the daily chaos and craziness of Delhi's streets. As authentic as possible.

Dehli - Day 1

I'm sure some of you know the feeling when you wake up in a new country and you know you will go to discover it as soon your eyes open. Crazy excited!

After taking some breakfast on the rooftop I packed my gear and went out into the streets. My first destination target was the Chandni Chowk area, which is great for street photography from what I've heard.
As this district is not to far away from central Delhi where my hostel was located I decided to walk (about 5km) up there, even it had already 37°C at 10:00 in the morning. But the heat was actually not that bad as the air was dry. So it's very doable to walk around the whole day.


Chandni Chowk



The area itself is full with market streets, endless alleys , mosques and also bazaars. The population in this district is very mixed with all the religions you could imagine. Mostly Muslim, Hindi and Sikh's.



As soon as I arrived in Chandni Chowk I felt amazing. I absolutely love the crowded chaos in this district. I think I have some kind of opposite social anxiety as I feel incredible alive in those chaotic areas ;). Exactly the place where I want to be!



On the end of the day my phone showed me that I walked about 22.000 steps around Delhi on that day. I was so fascinated by that perfect working chaos. It didn't take me long to fell in love with Delhi.

One thing which surprised me was - That there were no foreigners or tourist walking around this beautiful area. Maybe a handful but way less than I expected. Later some people from Delhi told me that no tourists like to stay long in the City and usually only use it as transit stay to move further on to other provinces. They even questioned me why I want to stay here for 5 days :D



Thanks for reading and joining me on this little trip through Delhi. I can promise you, that wasn't everything yet. I will write about Day 2 during the next week. Stay tuned!

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