Tripreport 1 - Nationalpark Berchtesgarden, Königssee

worldcapture @worldcaptureAugust 2018 · 4 min read

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Hey Followers & Steemians!

I'm currently on vacation in Germany, the country I grew up. It's crazy how I feel about my hometown after beeing away for more then 18 months now and living in Thailand. I have the feeling that I appreciate the good air and the beautiful nature much more as in the time I used to live there. Sometimes u need to be away from something to appreciate it again and seeing the beauty u missed after getting just used to it again.
So on my second day back home I decided to go to a National Park in Berchtesgarden (South Germany, Bavaria) to visit the Königssee and another lake nearby.


Location: As you can see on the map, Berchtesgarden is located on the very south of germany closed to the austrian boarder (around 15mins)

One of the main reasons of going to the National Park was of course to take some good landscape and nature pictures, but unfortunately that did not work out as I planed because I simply did not have the right lens for it :D..
As some of you might know I switched a few days ago from my Nikon D7000 to an Fullframe Nikon D750 , so I only had an 18-50mm DX (Not full frame) lens, which cropped my pictures terrible small. But hey, I still tryed to get the best out of it :)



Lets start with some facts about the Königssee (Kingslake would be the 1:1 translation) :

  • It is the third deepest lake in Germany (200m deep, 100m average)
  • It's surrounded with the highest mountains which only stay on German ground (2700m)
  • Electric Boats driving across the lake since 1906 (pretty impressive!)

So I started the day at the south pier, which is the only one u can park your car at as it is not possible to park somewhere else around the lake (all surrounded by mountains)
It is also not possible to just walk around the lake. U can walk through the mountains around it if you are an experienced hiker/climber.
But as I was not looking for an crazy adventure on that day, I decided to just take the Boat across the lake (55min drive, 15€) to the very north called "Salet" (There is also a stop after 35 mins in "Bartholomä" which has an pretty beautiful church on it.)


first impression of the lake on our way to the north side of the "Königssee"

first stop of the boat in "Bartholomä"

Arrived at the pier on the north side at "Salet"
As you already can see on the pictures, the weather was super good. We had about 28°C and a nice blue sky the whole day. After walking around on the Salet side for a while , i decided to take a hike (1h) to another mountain lake upwards north.

Hiking trail through an incredible beautiful landscape upward north to the second mountain lake

few minutes before i arrived at the lake

Arrived at the mountain lake - Crystal clear turquoise water, just as clean as it can be

another view of the lake
After the hike to the second lake I decided to take a swim and cool my body a bit down as the hiking was quite exhausting in the strong sun. And I can tell you , it really was an cool down as the water was around 18°C cold.. but it still felt super good to refresh. As I had the whole day time I decided to walk around the second lake next.

Start of my hike around the second lake

View from the second hiking trail
On the last picture you can see that small house on the down side, that was also my last stop where I had some lunch before I walked back to the pier to get a boat back.
It overall was an great day, even the area is getting pretty touristic as it is one of the must see things in south Germany. But it still wasn't to overcrowded and its still absolutely worth going there if you are around.

On my way back across the Königssee i saw this couple which crossed the lake by an rowing boat , pretty cool!
Thanks for reading :)

As always, feel free to have a chat with me in the comment section :)


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Heavenly beautiful photography @worldcapture!!❤💜❤
God bless you


Always happy about your comments , thanks a lot dear @stardivine <3

Ailin @ailindigoAugust 2018

Chris!! This is amazing! What an awesome report! I'm mesmerized, all the pics are so good! :D you did your best and they look amazing! I even feel I want to go there someday, it's beautiful! Great post!

Greetings! :)


Hey Ailin! Where have you been ? I missed you! Ha :)) Thank you for your kind comment! It really is an great place to visit , whenever you are around u should go there! Hope you are doing good! Thanks again, appreciate it ! :))


You are a very good photographer. You can tell your friends/followers about this contest.


Thank you @minnowhale :)) I'll have a look!


Oh great. Thanks


Beautiful pictures! I didn't know that Germany has such peaks! :)


Thank you @delishtreats :)) Oh well , we do have pretty decent peaks! Alp area :))) Appreciate it :))


I'll have to visit them then! I live in Switzerland and I truly believe that most of the peaks are in Switzerland and Austria. So I apologize for my ignorance :)


Oh never mind, ha! But you definitely should go there and discover the bavarian mountains once :)) @delishtreats


You took really nice shots of the place. exploring one's town is always great, you get to discover new thing and revive old memories..

Those mountains are really high, hiking up there will definitely be an adventurous one.


Thank you @audreybits :)) Oh yeah, hiking would be another level of discovering this area :D Maybe next time, ha! :))


You really should!!


Even with the wrong lens your photos are all beautiful! That is such a beautiful part of the world and your phots capture it well! Such spectacular scenery, and the clean mountain air felt delicious, I'm sure!


Thank you for your comment dear @melinda010100 :)) Oh yeah, the air is just incredible good in this area and pretty much all over south germany. Many forests and strict pollution rules keeping the country clean. It is a huge difference to my current home in Thailand :D


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Whoa , nice!! Thanks a ton @travelfeed :))


What a great report! Your pictures looks very professional and natural too!Thank for taking me with you to this amazing trip!
I really like the Köngissee and it's nature =) It reminds me at my homeland Switzerland =)

Best regards out of the van


Thank you Sarah :)) @lebenaufachsen ! Yeah it is really an absolut stunning landscape and i can imagine that loads of areas in Switzerland look quite simular to it :) Appreciate you comment! :)) Hope u have a great day!


Hello this park looks just beautiful. Your photos are such a great quality!!it makes me want to swim in this beautiful water!!


Hey @drawmeaship ! Thank you for your kind comment! And yes, its really was amazing to swim in there ! Ha :)


Im sure it was lucky you:D

trojan @trojan4August 2018

Hello @worldcapture nice post and awesome pictures. As I read through your post where you said

It's crazy how I feel about my hometown after beeing away for more then 18 months now and living in Thailand

It then dawn on me that am almost in the same boat as you, since its been ages I lasted visted my home town.
It's nice that you decided to visit home. Maybe I will do just that myself. Awesome pictures I may add


@trojan4 , Hey buddy! Thanks for your comment! Oh yeah, u definitely should visit your home from time to time. It's always important to stay connected to your roots :)

trojan @trojan4August 2018

It's just the time I don't have but planning on making out time to do just that