The 2018 fall colors are happening early in 2018 and we decided a hike in the Keystone Ancient Forest near Sand Springs, Oklahoma, in Osage County, was a good way to view it. This 1,300-acre nature preserve is filled with ancient trees that range from 300-500 years old. These trees may not be as tall as the Sequoias in California, but they are the oldest trees we have here in Oklahoma. Here you can see what the Osage/Flint Hills area looked like before civilization took over.


Scott got as close as he could to take this one and get the amazing yellow color.

We also took a moment and shared how to use the walking sticks we use to help take some of the stress off of our hands, backs, and knees. It was a quick "how-to" but we both think it shows the details clearly and simply to help you understand the trick we use.


A view from 1051 feet above sea level looking over Keystone lake; photo taken by Scott.

This forest is managed by the Nature Conservancy. They only allow guests to come hike on specific days each month. This helps to keep down damage to the location and it definitely makes it a spot people are curious about. Here you will find Blackjack and Post Oak trees, plenty of wildlife such as bobcats, deer and many birds. I look forward to visiting this site again in another season so I can appreciate out geography history.


There are 3,144 counties in the United States and we are going to do our best to collect them all. We started traveling in 2013 and over the past couple of years, we decided the best way to see our world would be to do it one county at a time. If you are interested in seeing more about our travels, you can find more videos on our YouTube channel.

20181030 1.png

Scott and I are also on Facebook: and on Instagram: We try to keep everyone up-to-date here when we are traveling about. This enables us to have you join along on our County Collecting Adventures.


Most Importantly, you can find more detailed information about where we have been on our website We have current United States county map showing what counties we have visited. At this time we are still working on getting more things up on the website to show you what we have done and are doing in each county, but it takes time.


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