Re: Wadi Rum: because you don’t need to be Elon Musk’s friend to go to Mars!

Wadi Rum is indeed a magical place. I loved climbing those red rockes to the mountain tops. Loved the silence, the beduins and the food. You did not mention Lawrence of Arabia for some reason. He was a romantic and mysterious figure who's actions in the Rum, Aqaba and Jordan had a significant impact on the area for generations. The seven pillars of probably saw them... and the water spring on the mountain side. Also the Nabbateans...they left many marks in wadi rum (of course nearby Petra as well) and they were an amzing people and a unique culture now extinct


Thanks for your comment Yannay! Sure, that are much more story and facts to mentiom about Wadi Rum... But i tried to make the post "short and sweet" withthe impressions that amazed me most! ;)