Towards evening, the thick fog that covered the mountain plain and allowed us to see only about ten meters away, began to dispel, and we could see the distant mountain peaks that were many kilometers from us. Over these mountains rose after the rain yesterday, which meant that tomorrow would be a wonderful weather.

The Marmarosh Mountains occupy the area between the White Tisa and Black Cheremosh (north and northeast) rivers, the Bystrica and its tributaries (east and southeast), Viseu (south and southwest) and Tisza (north) events). Marmarosh, located within the Ukrainian Carpathians, is the second highest mountain range after Chornogora bridge. The highest peak is Farkeu (1961 m), located in Romania.

The orographic axis of the Marmara Massif is the ridge along which the Ukrainian-Romanian border passes. On this ridge there are mountains: Pip Ivan (1936 m), Neniska Mala (1820 m), Stig (1653 m), Chivchyn (1769 m), Lostun (1654 m), Palenitsa (1750 m), Gnatasya (1769 m). Numerous lateral ridges branch off from the main ridge. The extending south-west to the Viseu and Ruskov rivers are long and in their middle part extend into spreading mountain nodes with significant original features, for example, the Farkeu and Mikhailekula massifs (1920 m), as well as Petros Budyovsky (1854). m), Toroyagi (1939 m) and Greben (1590 m). The lateral ridges that fall from the main ridge to the Black Cheremosh Valley are short (up to 7 km long) and, with the exception of the border peaks of Stog and Lostun, are not very different in relief.

Since we had already set up camp, gone to the woods and picked up branches from the trees for the campfire, lit a fire and started cooking dinner, then when the clouds parted we were given a few free minutes to take some pictures, which we did.

Everything that had been hiding in the thick fog for several hours had become visible - forest, trees, an empty sheep fence. I took some photos for you friends and went to help prepare dinner. Here are the photos:

The fog dispels

Path in the mountains

Stone among grass

Water vapor over distant mountains


Evening sky

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day