Today is anniversary of my hiking - I finish the story of my almost winter hike on the mountain range of Chornogora, where are the highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians, and on the same day (November 21) eight years ago I ended with friends this three-day hike that I am now describe. We then climbed to the top of Petros, the fourth highest mountain in Ukraine, located at an altitude of 2020 meters above sea level. An interesting fact is that all these peaks are located just in the Chernogor range - Hoverla (2061 m), Brebeneskul (2032 m), Pip Ivan (2028 m). I can proudly say that I visited on top of each of these mountains, more than 2 km high.

Petros Mountain is a penultimate peak on the Chornogora Ridge, which is located in the Rakhiv district of the Transcarpathian region between Mount Sheshul and Hoverla. The slopes of the mountain on the one hand are very steep, on the other - steep. Petros is called one of the most beautiful mountains of the Carpathians. I can confirm to you that it is really very beautiful there. At the same time, this peak is on the list of the most dangerous in Chornogora, especially in bad weather. When we were climbing it was overcast but without rain, but the strong wind made it clear that the mountain was not easy.

At the foot of Mount Petros

So, now I'll tell you about the very process of climbing to the top of Petros. It should be noted that although Petros is the fourth highest in the Carpathians, and 41 meters lower than Hoverla, however, the ascent to Petros by complexity exceeds the ascent to the highest mountain of Ukraine. This is all because the slope that needs to be overcome at Petrosi has a height of more than 500 meters, which is much higher than the Hoverley, and the angle of rise is much sharper.

Very sharp and rocky slope of Petros

But going uphill at full strength is much easier than when you are completely exhausted, so climbing Petros was still easier for me than at Hoverla. The fact that when I was climbing Hoverla, I was constantly told here that we were not far away, but in fact, was still very far away. A completely different situation occurred when climbing Petros, when those participants of the hike who were there before, constantly repeated that we go very far. So when we finally got to the top, I even not realized that we had come and was ready to move on. When I finally realized that I no longer had to climb up, it was time to look around.

Chornogora ridge

It's time to look around

Distant mountains covered mirage

Chapel and curved cross on top of mountain

That is how I saw the cross on top of Petros

From the top a magnificent landscape was opened, you could see almost the entire Chornogora ridge, which stretched tens of kilometers away. I also paid attention to the metal cross, which the wind twisted and laid to the ground. Of course, the wind would never curl this cross, but in the winter on it was a lot of ice and under its weight the cross could not withstand and bend to the ground. I specifically found the photos in web so you can see it.

This is how this cross looked like earlier in the winter

During the ascent, we were hungry and decided to make ourselves lunch by opening a few cans and boiling tea on a gas burner. We ate, rested, admired the scenery, took photos, and started the descent. From the top of Petros we descended to the village of Kvasy, Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region. We walked to the local train station, from where we traveled back to Lviv.

Landscape during the descent

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