There are many hopes in every heart. All hope is to make life happy. Then we think that our hopes begin with the dream. Did you feel that where our dreams come from? If our dreams are good, then our life is good. Our success is powerful and useful for humanity. if our hope is not good and our success is bad and harmful to humanity. so develop a good dream to make other people live.

When I was making plans to wander through narrow streets that time, I thought what people are doing in narrow streets. Why not leave this narrow street? What is the relationship they have with these narrow streets? So I started wandering there. I saw that there were busy people and they seemed very happy. Everyone was busy in business. The children played in the street. People went here and there. No one was worried. I asked a person who lived in these narrow streets for 20 years with his family. I said that these narrow streets are not good to live. How are you living in narrow streets?

He replied, the streets are not narrow. Your thinking and feeling are narrow. He said he grew up in these streets. He played here. he enjoyed life in these streets. So he can't get out of these narrow streets. he has many story here. I have his life here. he has childhood here. Now ileft my life, that's why now the streets are narrow. so dear friend, I received the lesson that the streets are not narrow, our mind, our thinking is narrow. so do the broadest thinking so you get real life.

My trip today was with this thought. I hope that my trip to the narrow streets of the mianwali district will please everyone.