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Do you like traveling? If so, this is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia's most westernmost province, the Tsunami Museum located in Banda Aceh City, Aceh Province.

The magnificent building of this museum was built after the Tsunami that struck Aceh in 2004, specially designed to commemorate the tsunami disaster, as well as a place for disaster education for tourists visiting this museum.

The architecture this museum is designed to be very grand and minimalist, and the building is also shaped like a luxury yacht and also elegant.

There are many memories contained in the building of this museum, ranging from evidence of humanitarian assistance from various countries, to prayer rooms filled with names of victims who died or disappeared when the tsunami struck.


This is the view of the architecture of Aceh's tsunami building walls, there are many small windows that adorn it so it looks very minimalist.


This is one of the inside corners of the Aceh Tsunami museum, there is a connecting ladder that symbolizes peace.


This is the view inside the Aceh tsunami museum, there are flags from various countries above the sky of this museum. And the flag is proof that various countries have helped the recovery of post-tsunami Aceh which has devastated some of Indonesia's westernmost provinces.


The prayer room is a well designed room that can be entered by tourists to pray for the victims of the Aceh Tsunami, there are thousands of names of Tsunami victims around the walls of the room.


And this is the architectural appearance of the front of Aceh's tsunami museum building, which is different from the side view of the museum.

Now, this Tsunami museum has become a favorite place for tourists to visit the relics and history of the Aceh Tsunami. Every year, visitors from Indonesia, and from various countries reach hundreds of thousands of people who come to this museum.

Well, for those of you who have never been to this museum, can soon visit to Aceh, because not only museums, in Aceh there are many tourist destinations, such as beaches, nature, culture, and also culinary.

All This Photo Taken With :

Camera : Canon EOS 60D

Lens : EF-S10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM

Photograph : @zikmaulana


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