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zirochka @zirochkaAugust 2019 · 5 min read

I did not like geography or history at school. These courses always seemed plane and boring to me. Who would have thought that I would love them due to my travels!..

Telling about region of Podillia, it would be unforgivable to omit mention of the really unique geological formation.



Little bit of history

It is one of 3 parts of the world's only mountain ridge Tovtry in the world that did not emerge as a result of tectonic processes, but formed by living organisms - coral polyps. (Wiki) However, there are rocky ridges similar in some geological structures in Great Britain and the USA.

The name of the location comes from "medubaris" meaning "between the valleys". In fact, it is a barrier reef of the ancient Sarmatian Sea, located on the southwestern lands of modern Ukraine along the outer edge of the Carpathians. It was formed 15-20 million years ago at the bottom of the warm miocene sea, which is very conducive to a mild sub-tropical climate.

Limestone remains formed a complex with clear range, the south-western slope of which is steep, and the east - gently sloping. The upper part of Tovtry has a karst structure: craters, caves, rock fragments.


This is an area of breathtaking landscapes, unique ecosystems, canyons, caves and rocks. And my own top-3 regions to visit in Ukraine :) Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park is covers this area. In 2008, it was enlisted as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine. Since 2017 part of it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, many of my compatriots have never heard of this place. As I wrote earlier, tourism in Ukraine is just at the beginning of development.

How, when and where

200 km from Lviv, 400 km from Kyiv. Not too close, I agree. The road infrastructure is still very poor. We got there with a guided tour, it was my way to avoid repairing my own car after our self trips around Ukraine. But it is very close to Sataniv, a place you can get by bus from any regional center, and easily find a place to stay.

If you'd go by car, you can stop and take shots of fancy and beautiful places.


On my second visit, we stayed at guest house "Zahublenyj Rai" ("Lost Paradise"), it has incredible location and very good service, meaning not a 5 star hotel, but they really do their best to make it comfortable to you. There is one thing worth to be mentioned - mobile connection is very poor, almost absent. And it is up to you to decide is it a drawback or a benefit.



The best time for a visit is April-May, when you can see an annual wonder of rebirth. The nature is amazing here. There are 60 species of plants and 85 animals (including insects) listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine.

Also, it is also very nice here in October.

Ancient remnants

And back to the barrier reef. Back in the XIX century, this place was considered the foothill of the Carpathians. Later it turned out that the origin of these hills (or mountains) was biological and "built" not by powerful tectonic processes, but by various marine inhabitants with a limestone skeleton: algae, molluscas, shells etc, there are also corals, but less often.

And in the photo are the stones found in the nearby village, that was once divided by Zbruch River into 2 parts, that belonged to two big empires - Russian and Austro-Hungarian. Stones make the pedestal for the Cross of Liberty. You can see what I talk about.




Sacred places in the woods

You can find other kinds of activity, but I'd recommend a walk in the woods. There are a lot to see in there!

Here is the river, a former state border:


Our direct ancestors of the Slavs considered these hills sacred. After the baptism of Rus and the expulsion of the magus from Kyiv, Tovtry became the last refuge for apologists of the Ancient Gods. The spot of paganism existed here almost until the middle of the XIII century. There were three main sacred sites - Zvenygorod, Govda and Bogit, and dozens of smallers.


All this, and also Dolmens, a cave of a hermit, image of Odin and petrous dragon's paw and a lot of landmarks, incredible legends and stories are waiting! But it will be another part of the story. Stay tuned!


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Also, you can view all my posts on


Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for your visit!

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What an interesting and special place ! Wow, I didn't know such places exist, formed by living organisms... no wonder the traces left behind are so different and unique <333333

Lovely photos, as usual, @zirochka :D Also I love how informative this post is, with regards to the best times to visit and all that <3 Really enjoyed this !


Thank you so much for your nice comment! It made my day today (got nasty cold in a summer, yuck..)


A mountain ridge that emerges in such a different way makes this location unique. When I was a child in primary school I love history and geography, travelling makes this love even deeper. However, I completely understand you there is a difference between look at the map and read the history and then see or experience with your own eyes. I have never been to Ukraine yet I hope to visit this location. It really seems to be worth it!!


What I learned is that interest to a subject very much depends of the teacher, especially in school. I had an excellent teacher of math :)
I am realy glad to hear you are interested. Hope you will come over one day :)


I agree with you it is true it depends on the teacher. In the primary school had an excellent teacher of math too, but I prefer history and geography due to what it is too long to explain but you can perfectly realize :) Hope to come over as well.


Anyway, we change, and life around us changes. It's so exciting! :)


This is true too!!! :) :)


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Thank you so much for your time and your support, @elsaenroute!


We have to thank you for using TF :)


It is me who would thank YOU! You all guys are most amazing team among all tribes here! I wish I have more time to get deeper into the exciting changes that are on the way.
Thank you for all your efforts!


It is interesting that this region is not known to many people and that the tourist industry is still a baby.

I have a friend from Ukraine who I met in South Africa.

The limestone was formed by dead sea creatures as you mentioned. So what we are really looking at is a very ancient former sea bed. Cool post.


Yes, it so .... cool and unusual. When I first head of it, I has a small doubt. So I searched the net when I got home, and it is really true. Now, after finishing that series, I look forward to drive there again in Autumn.

P.S. Many world common things are at the "baby" phase in Ukraine. But things change slowly...


Many world common things are at the "baby" phase in Ukraine. But things change slowly...

Sounds like a great place to start any new business.


Well, yes but after they repair roads there )))

Jonboy @jantonAugust 2019

Howdy zirochka! Super interesting and unusual place and formations there, plus fantastic scenery, just wonderful!


Hello, Janton! I am so pleased to know you like that place! It's really unique and very beautiful, although a bit unusual maybe and difficult to reach

Jonboy @jantonAugust 2019

Howdy again zirochka! Difficult to reach because the roads are so bad?


Hello, Janton. On my last visit -yes. Of course it is possible, but will take much more time and efforts, attention and so on. It would be not a rest and enjoyable vacation but a quest or a challenge )

Jonboy @jantonAugust 2019

I understand. This is what you guys need!