Those, who were born in USSR, may recognize this known and unknown castle as Béthune Abbey. How is that possible?


In the soviet screening of the famous novel “Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas here were filmed scenes related to the monastery. Thus, wide audience saw it lots of times, but fairly know what and where is it.


That's why the castle isn't very popular as a tourist attraction, but it is worth to tell about I think. Besides, it has a picturesque location.




I visited this place 2 years ago, it was actually close, but the guard was so kind to let me and my husband in for a short while. Today it is finally opened for visitors, from Thursday to Sunday. You can find most timely info on their Website, it has English version.

Svirzh Castle is situated in 43 km from city of Lviv. You can get here by bus or by car.


Svirzh is a name of a small river, and it was inherited by a village and a castle. First, it was a fortress, construction of which begun in 1453.

Fortress had the perfect vantage point. Located on the top of high hill over a pond surrounded with swamps. By the way, gateways that block a river to form a pond, were constructed back in the XVI century. Now this place is very fond of fishing.



A deep ditch stretches along the central wall, and a drawbridge leads to the main gate.

Despite of all these advantages, the citadel was seized and burned many times during wars.


During period of peace the fortress transformed into a castle with beautiful walls in the Renaissance style, surrounded with an awesome park with exotic trees and birds.

There was an interesting period of time when the owner of the castle was Robert Lamesan de Salins, French aristocrat who moved here escaping from the revolution, and married Irena Woliansky. Probably, the castle reminded him of his homeland, and he did very much to renew the beauty of the castle and the park. It was the period of greatest prosperity.

Just try to imagine how it may look like!





From the XVII century the estate changed his owners often. No one knows for sure whose bloodline this Griffon belongs to...


Shortly after the WW II, the hidden door to the barn was accidentally found. There was no treasure behind them, just utensils and furniture, belongings of the last owner of the castle. All the "treasures" were disassembled by their villagers.


Nice to see that the castle survived its harsh times and survived. I want to believe that the restoration awaits it, and we will still see his former greatness.


Thank you for your time! I hope you enjoyed it!

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