Night walk in downtown Tbilisi

Well, actually, it has been a really hot week. While the western part of the country suffers from permanent rains, we have clear sky and no wind at all.

Thus, it is dubious pleasure to go out, all the more to walk. But I have some nice pictures taken the other day on my night walk in Old Tbilisi. And I didn't make a contribution to the #WednesdayWalk challenge kindly hosted by @tattoodjay for some weeks. So I think it would be just okay.

Bridge of Peace

If you ask me, I like this construction. And I know that many of locals would disagree with me. But let me remind you that Parisians didn't like the Eiffel Tower's project until the tower became a visiting card of Paris.

The idea of building the Bridge of Peace belongs to the former president - Saakashvili. Even now, you can hear here and there "This was made under Saakashvili".

This glass-and-steel pedestrian bridge was previously brought to Georgia from Italy in a disassembled form of 200 components. It was first opened in May 2010, and connected togather 2 districts of the city - Old Tbilisi and Rike park (Avlabari).


Nowadays, it is "must see" place for tourists, and a popular photo location for weddings.

As you can see, the bridge looks especially spectacular in the dark. The lighting of the bridge was made by French designer Philip Martino, and it is not just very beautiful but has deep meaning.

Every hour, 30 thousand light bulbs begin to flash, transmitting a message in the form of Morse code. It encrypts the names of the elements of the periodic table that exist in the body of every person living in this world, regardless of race or gender. That is why the building got its name - the Bridge of Peace.



And I was lucky to catch a firework in the frame:


Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater

Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater d3scr

This unusual building is definitely worth to see, or even to visit a show. I had a funny case trying to take a photo. I made a 3 or 4 attempts, and every time dark shot looks like I didn't align my camera to the horizon. Until my husband told me it stands at an angle, lol.

The Gabriadze Theater stands in the heart of Tbilisi’s historic Old Town. This beautiful building of the unique marionette theatre was designed by Gabriadze himself.


Though modest in size, The Gabriadze Theater is among the world’s preeminent cultural institutions. Presenting mature puppet performances full of depth and meaning, it has gained the respect and recognition of international audiences and critics alike. (source)


In 2010 Rezo Gabriadze built a unique clock tower next to the marionette theatre in Tbilisi old town. Every hour an angel comes out to ring the bell with a small hammer.
There is a small mechanical puppet theatre inside the tower and twice a day at noon and at 7pm you can see the show – “The Circle of Life”.

Rezo decorated the tower with hundreds of tiles which he designed himself and it instantly became a major architectural attraction of Tbilisi.


Walking down the streets

Old Tbilisi is narrow streets, wooden carved balconies, welcoming cafes, live music and lights in the streets, tasty aromas, and a lot of people. At the following photo you can see them as shadows because of long exposure, but they were many )) One more trick, coz if they move not too slowly they will not appear in the photo.


I am sorry, but can't resist. You remember, how much I am delighted with these balconies.


Just another view of the theater.


I think this is enough for one evening walk, do you agree? :)


Thank you for paying me a visit!

For your time to read view this post. I hope you enjoyed!

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