hello travelers. Today I will write about my favorite beach in Crete called Preveli. It is 35km away from Rethymnon about half an hour by car. I have visited Preveli dozens of times and every time I feel that I am somewhere far from Crete, in a wonderful place of natural beauty. What makes this beach so special apart from its crystal clear waters is the palm forest that exists there, the river that carries its waters from the Kourtaliotiko gorge to the sea and the fact that there are no umbrellas and sunbeds and the landscape remains completely natural.


Access to the beach is not so easy, as you have to go down an entire mountain to reach this fantastic place. But it's worth it because as you go down the mountain you have the opportunity to admire the vastness of nature and the Libyan Sea and once you get there with your heart pounding from the intense activity of hiking the mountain, you have the opportunity to feel the tranquility of this place away from the bustling world of the city and compensates you with a tremendous sense of calm and serenity. If you are one of those who do not like hiking or have mobility problems every day at ten in the morning, a boat starts from the nearby area of Plakias, which takes half an hour to reach Preveli and leaves back to Plakias at 6 in the afternoon.




If you visit Preveli beach you can swim in the crystal clear salty waters of the sea but also in the fresh waters of the river, sunbathe under the hot sun or sit and cool down under the hundreds of trees that exist there. Also, you can walk in the palm forest and follow the path to the Kourtaliotiko gorge under the cool shade of the palm trees and admire the greatness of nature with the river, the giant rocks and some small waterfalls that make you feel absolutely grateful and awe for this unique wonder of nature







If you are hungry or thirsty, there is a small cafeteria that sells water, soft drinks, snacks and even traditional greek spirits and long drinks, all at very reasonable prices. So you do not need to carry many things while you are going down the mountain. A towel, a sunscreen and your swimsuit are enough to spend a beautiful day enjoying nature. This shop operates only during the summer so if you go there in the winter it will be closed.



in 2010 a large fire broke out in the palm forest of Preveli and due to the strong winds back then, it was very difficult for the firefighters to control the fire resulting in a large part of the palm forest being destroyed. The local community was very upset as we thought we had lost a very important part of the natural beauty of our area but a few years later the forest began to regenerate and regain its original form justifying the saying that the palm tree regenerates from its own ashes.


As in other rivers and lakes, dozens of ducks live in Preveli and live in harmony with the hundreds of people who visit the place every day. The last time I went, apart from the beautiful landscape, I also took some photos of the ducks swimming carelessly in the green waters of the river.


In this wonderful place, you will find except of palm trees and many other species of wild plants such as tall trees and many shrubs. As I was going down the mountain to reach the sea I photographed 2 strange and unknown to me plants that as soon as I saw them I took some photos or these. One had a very beautiful purple color and the other a huge round root that protruded above the ground.



So that's it for today If you ever visit Creta don't forget to visit this wonderful place. I promise you will not regret it. the combination of the sea, the mountains around, the river and the palm forest will give you a unique experience that you will never forget.





Thanks for stopping by, see you at my next post. :)