Hello travelers, today I will talk to you about the old town of Chania and the old venetian port. Chania is the second most populous city in Crete and the second largest tourist destination in Greece. The reason this city has so much tourism is because it is a beautiful town that can meet the requirements of even the most demanding visitor. It has many natural beauty spots such as beaches, gorges and high mountains. Also a very lively nightlife with plenty of impressive clubs and beach bars operating until the early morning hours. But the most important thing for me that the visitor can see is the old town and the Venetian harbour where there are various Venetian buildings and narrow alleys that you can feel while walking that you are in another era.

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The old port of Chania is one of the busiest parts of the city full of restaurants that serve daily traditional Mediterranean and excellent delicacies as well as impressive monuments from the time of Venetian rule (1252-1645), Ottoman rule (1645-1898) and years of Egyptian rule (1831-1841). Some of my favorite architectural monuments are the Egyptian lighthouse, the Gialisi Tzami, the grand Arsenal and a lot of other old buildings that make you understand better the history of Chania and the multiculturalism that this city has experienced.

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The Egyptian lighthouse.

The Egyptian lighthouse of Chania is one of the oldest in the world and has been standing in the harbour of Chania since the end of the 16th century. It is not unjustly called the ornament of Chania as there is no visitor who goes there and does not photograph it. It was built by the Venetians and rebuilt by the Egyptians in 1830 after significant damage from natural disasters. The new lighthouse is very different from the old one as it resembles a Turkish minaret. It has an internal staircase that leads to the top where there is a glass turret. However, the base of the lighthouse remains Venetian and is separated from the rest of the lighthouse by a wooden grating.

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The Giali tzamisi

The imposing Giali tzamisi (sea moscue) is the only mosque that still exists in Chania. It was built in honor of the first Chancellor of Chania, Kioutsuk Hassan, in the second half of the 17th century. Today, the small interior of the mosque is used as a place for art exhibitions.

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Grand Arsenal

Grand arsenal was built in 1585 by the general proveditor Alvise Grimani. It has changed public functions from time to time, as a result, it has peculiarities that justify the designation "Grand". In 1872, during the Turkish occupation, the Grand arsenal became a school of the Christian Community, while from time to time it has hosted theatrical and musical events. At last it was used as a public hospital and as a town hall. Today it has been radically renovated and turned into an impressive venue for events and exhibitions. It hosts important events with an emphasis on the field of Architecture.

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Behind the old port is the old town of Chania, where the visitor meets old buildings, narrow alleys, and passes under many old arches. Also, there are many tourist shops to buy souvenirs and many accommodations that have been restored and offer a luxurious stay combined with the history of the old days that Chania has lived.


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Chania is a beautiful town that you should consider visiting one day. I am sure you won΄t deny it. The modern lifestyle in combination with the old town is ideal for people who want to see historical monuments but also they want to party on their holidays. I hope one day you will visit Chania. :)