I have a suggestion: If you find yourself in Norway and see a sign with the name of a waterfall (foss) on it, GO SEE IT!

There's a good reason for this. It's because there is so much water flowing all over Norway that a smaller waterfall that might be considered noteworthy in most parts of the world can be completely overlooked in Norway, often times not even having a name. This means that the waterfalls who do receive a name are ALWAYS worth taking a look at, even if you have to drive a little ways off the main road.

In this post, I would like to take you to two such excellent falls: Skjervsfossen and Vøringsfoss.

The majestic Skjervsfossen


The equally majestic Vøringsfoss


The scale of both of these falls is so large that it's hard to capture the whole thing in one shot, even with the drone. Looking down on Skjervsfossen gives a little more clarity on the depth, as the first photo really only shows the top half of it:


Same thing with Vøringsfoss, which is even taller. If you look at it from the right angle, you will see that there are actually two giant waterfalls looking across from one another, the second one being shorter but even more explosive:


Another way I like to illustrate the landscape in this region is by taking a look at Google Maps. If you want to drive the hour or so between these two falls, you have to traverse this plate of spaghetti:


Yes, that is a real road, a series of corkscrew tunnels winding their way up from near sea level to the Hardangervidda plateau. I would've liked to be at the meeting where the first engineer suggested building that thing haha. Norwegian ingenuity!

Part of my inspiration for posting this today is that it happens to be my mom's birthday (happy birthday mom!), and these waterfalls have a special significance to me because I've had the opportunity to visit them with some of the people who are most dear to me, including my mom, my sister and a super special visitor from Spain:


I could post plenty more photos from these locations, but if a picture says a thousand words, than a drone video must say a million. Here's the best perspective I can offer you, shot during my visit with mom and my sister:

Last tip - if you visit Skjervsfossen, go visit the bathroom while you're there. Just do it, the experience and view won't disappoint! ;-)