Maturín, 21/10/ 2019
Aliendres, A.

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I share my ecotourism experience in the hydrobiological body The Waters of Moses, an ecological sanctuary located between the towns of Pantoño and Hot Waters, a geographical area politically divided between the municipalities Andrés Eloy White and Ribero in the state Sucre [Venezuela].

Location and geographical influence

The waters of Moses park is strongly influenced by a hydrographic belt and mountainous system that combines with a tropical savanna landscape. To the north, approximately 35 kilometers away, is the southeastern margin of the Cariaco Trench, the largest anoxic oceanic basin.

At the main entrance there are monuments alluding to Egyptian culture, this as an ornamental complement and beautification landscape.

To the west is a paradisiacal natural body of continental water called The Cord of Cariaco, whose main tributary is the Carinicuao River and to a lesser extent it is tributary of veins from springs.


The dominion of the vegetable population in terms of size, elegance, shade and economic productivity is exercised by the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera), which produces the fruit called coconut, very nutritious and multipurpose in the manufacturing industry to synthesize various edible products, cosmetics, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, among others.

The edible part of the coconut is well protected by a shield of rigid texture and dark brown color (endocarp), this is wrapped by another thick, fibrous and padded layer of light brown color (mesocarp), while the top or outer layer is called exocarp. To access the water that is a delight and is encapsulated in the fleshy white part called endosperm, you have to have some work that is worthwhile.

An ornamental species that stands out for its elegance and curious foliage is the Mexican fan palm, known by its scientific name as Washingtonia robusta. This one planted in the surroundings of the pools and ways, they are a true vegetal attraction.

In the company of my sister-in-law @flores39, with glasses and crossed legs sunbathing. Together we appreciate the spectacular green spot generated by the shrubs, trees and ornamental grass species that surround the thermal waters; this generous plant community emits harmonious waves of love and natural energy that combine with the singing of birds and the bustle of arboreal mammals.

In summary, the water wealth is well accompanied by a variety of introduced species and other characteristics of autochthonous trophyll forests, apart from coconut palms, there are palms such as Washingtonia de California (Washingtonia filifera), chaguaramo (Roystonea oleracea) and minor species that together with the cover of grasses embellish with their splendorous green.

One of the best ways to enjoy a trip is with our loved ones. However, if there are common factors with respect to the professional and hobby environment, feelings and emotions tend to elevate bliss and happiness at all times. The company of my sister-in-law @flores39 and husband @ulisesfl17, lovers of environmental sciences and nature in general, made the vegetable characterization of this wonderful ecosystem more welcoming.


The thermal waters of this ecosystem have a permanent inlet and outlet system, it is a feeding circuit whose source is a well drilled more than 115 meters deep. They are geothermal waters that guarantee the continuous renewal of this system of wells with high mineral content that over time has generated a muddy bed after the decantation of millions of particles (sand and clay).

This sulfuric mud is used as part of dermatological and aesthetic treatment to remove impurities from the skin due to its high biotherapeutic capacity.

Mineral properties of water

Hot springs of the hypothermic sulphurous type such as these emit characteristic odors due to the high concentration of sulfur (S 8 ), calcium (Ca 20 ), potassium (K 2 O) and other minerals that configure its properties.
From the above, derive the organoleptic perceptions of acidity, strong odor and a little salty, which are combined with sulphurous-bacteria to enrich these waters with healing and therapeutic properties.

Ecological aquatic experience

The ecological adventure of harmony with nature that is breathed here, is well worth the cost; be it for the economic, recreational or connection with nature, you will enjoy an unforgettable moment and will be filled with happiness that will raise your level of environmental awareness.

A hydrobiological ecosystem whose main attraction is the population of beautiful freshwater fish, who exhibit their perfect harmony in community. The right and lower panoramic images reveal the natural slopes of this marvelous body of water that refracts solar radiation. Beautiful, docile and sociable fish possess a significant level of intelligence, so much so that they synchronize a circular dance around me as a sign of attention and kindness.

Anxious to improve the ecological relations with my new friends, I went into this beautiful aquarium to socialize with these beautiful specimens meek, playful and friendly. The sensation is really indescribable.

End of tour. Thank you for accompanying me in the photographic description with ecological orientation. I would like you to comment and rate this post in order to continue improving the creation of original content.

The photographs were taken with Iphone 6 mobile equipment camera.