This is my entry for the @tattoodjay's Wednesday walk challenge.

This time I want to talk about another short trip of mine in early summer. I needed to go on business to St. Petersburg.

Despite the business purpose of the trip, I managed to seize the opportunity and take a couple of walks during the day, during which I certainly practiced photography.

The first photos I started taking already on the plane. Only one photo was successful from these photos, but I really liked it. The fact is that usually an airplane flies up to the city and immediately lands at the airport. This time, the plane, in connection with the arrival of guests at the International Economic Forum, could not immediately land and went to circle around the Gulf of Finland. Thanks to this, the plane flew over one of the newest sights of the city - over the Lakhta Center skyscraper. And it seems to me that it very successfully got into this shot.

In the afternoon I had a short walk through the city center. During this walk, I sat on a bench near the fountain and rested. Here I also took some pictures, one of which I liked.

Going further for a walk, I walked along the embankment of the Griboedov Canal. Here is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the city - the Church of the Savior on Blood.

There is a large park called Mikhailovsky Garden near the Church. It was very green, because it was the very beginning of the summer. And thanks to the bright sun, this greenery looked even more attractive.

I really liked the rhythm of the bright striped lawn in this park.

After a walk in this park, I had to go about my business again. But another walk quite unexpectedly turned out to me in the evening, shortly before my departure home. Thanks to a combination of circumstances, my friend and I were on the embankment of the Neva River during the evening sunset.

I really enjoyed this walk and managed to take a lot of photos here. I took This photo as soon as we went to the promenade. The cars flow in beautiful colors of sunset looked amazing.

The sun was very well located somewhere downstream of the river. People sat and enjoyed a warm June evening on the concrete embankment.

We walked a bit along the promenade and found a river station there, near which a cruise ship stood at the pier. It very successfully supplemented the picture of sunset over the river.

The embankment ended and we went further along the sidewalk along the road.

The road passed under the Great cable-stayed bridge. Having reached him, we took some photos. This bridge is modern and has a rather interesting architecture. I really like the photos of this bridge taken at night with reflections of its lights in the Neva River.

When we came back, the sun was already hidden behind the horizon and the landscape changed a little, acquiring more red shades.

Time was running out, I had to go to the airport. But we decided to take a little walk along the promenade along the river.

And we were not alone on the embankment. Periodically, companies of young people passed us. And the city continued to live its own life. Cars continued to pass us. A sort of barge was unfolding on the river.

Well, a friend and I went to the airport. And I flew away from St. Petersburg in a good mood after such a walk at sunset.

It was such an unexpected and pleasant walk I had at the beginning of summer.

I hope you enjoyed it. After all, I still have many walks ahead.

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