This is my entry for the @tattoodjay's Wednesday walk challenge.

Today I continue a series of posts about St. Petersburg.

Last time, I finished at how I continued my journey along Nevsky Prospect after a walk near Ostrovsky Square (Katkin Garden) and Gostiny Dvor. It was here (see photo).

Going further, I drew attention to an interesting building located between residential buildings. This building turned out to be the Basilica of St. Catherine of Alexandria. As it turned out, this church is the oldest Catholic church in the city. It was built in 1783. As you can see, I found it during the reconstruction of the dome and could not fully enjoy its beauty.

At different times, this temple was visited and even buried in it various famous people. For example, the famous architect Montferrand, who designed and built St. Isaac's Cathedral (I will tell you about it later), was a parishioner of this temple and was even buried here.

But life is in full swing around the temple. I also go further along my route.

Nearby, just a few steps away, on the same side of Nevsky Prospect is another attraction place. This is the Singer House. It was built in 1904 for the Singer Joint Stock Company. This building is interesting because it used the latest technologies for that time, such as an elevator and automatic cleaning of roofs from snow. And you can see how richly decorated it is in comparison with the nearest buildings.

As I understand it, the premises of this building were intended for rental. But since 1938, on the ground floor of this building was the Book House - a large bookstore. I even visited it once with my mother as a child, during a tourist trip to St. Petersburg. Now it occupies two lower floors.

And also about this building we can say that now the five of its upper floors are occupied by the office of the VKontakte company (Russian Facebook), which was previously headed by Pavel Durov. At present, you can know him as the owner of the Telegram messenger and the creator of the Telegram Open Network - the latest network project based on blockchain technology.

However, let us return from modern technology to historical values.

Opposite the Singer House, I was met by one of the largest temples in St. Petersburg. Kazan Cathedral (Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God). This cathedral was built in 1811, just before the end of the war between the Russian and French empires. Therefore, after the war ended, it acquired the significance of a monument of Russian military glory.
When designing the cathedral, Emperor Paul I wanted it to look like St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Therefore, it has such a massive colonnade.

Now this temple is active and in it on big holidays worship is held.

The cathedral is very large and beautiful. It is a real decoration of the center of St. Petersburg. I took a panorama of the cathedral from the sidewalk of Nevsky Prospect and set off on.

On the way, I noticed my camera on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street. As I understand it, this street got its name due to the fact that it led to the building of the imperial stables on Konyushennaya Square.

Going further, I went to the bridge across the Moika River. This bridge is called the "Green Bridge". There are pleasure boat parking on the river. This is quite typical for St. Petersburg. It is not for nothing that it is called Northern Venice.

And ahead on my way, at the end of Nevsky Prospekt, rises the spire of the Main Admiralty - one of the buildings of the Russian Navy. But I'm not heading to him. At this building I will be only at the end of my walk.

And where I went from here you will find out in my next photo walk.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Nikon D5000 + Sigma AF 17-50

I strongly recommend to open the photo in a separate tab to appreciate it.