Ricks Cafe Negril, Jamaica

One of the most famous places in Negril, Jamaica is Ricks Café. Negril attracts millions of people each year from all over the world, and Ricks is the location that many of these folks put on their Negril Bucket List.


Ricks Cafe Entrance

On the cliffs, up the West End Road, you will find this world-famous travel destination. Known highly for its picturesque sunsets, Ricks offers so much to the traveling individual. Live reggae music and one love vibrations, great food and beverage options, cliff diving and cave tours, and plenty of co-mingling with locals and tourists alike. This place is truly a one of a kind experience – let me tell you from my experiences here.


There are plenty of options on how to get to Ricks. You can take a route taxi up the coast, use the car you’ve so ingeniously rented, or even take a Yamon Catamaran tour from the seven-mile beach. I did the ladder option by taking the Yamon Catamaran tour.

Jamaica 2014 034.jpg

The YaMon Catamaran

We started by the Boat Bar and Rondel Village, making our way via Catamaran through the Caribbean Sea. The tour was basically all-inclusive as your initial ticket fee included food and beverages, until you got to Ricks. Occasionally the boat would stop along the way for brief snorkeling sessions and cave swims. It was quite the time.

Jamaica 2014 025.jpg

The Boat Bar


On the Way to Cave Swim

When we finally got to Ricks, we had to jump off the side of the Catamaran and swim our way to land! A brutal swim with heavy waves and choppy waters, especially after a few Red Stripes had been sucked down the hatch!

The place is usually packed by this time of day, around 6 pm, and especially on a Friday or Saturday. The tourists and locals interacting is a cool experience getting to be a part of, as everyone awaits the picturesque sunset forming over the Caribbean ocean. This what Ricks is most famously known for. The sunset, and – the local cliff divers that jump from an elevated tree perch that is 100 + feet over the cliff’s edge.

Jamaica 2014 266.jpg

Jamaica 2014 275.jpg

The cliff divers are seasoned professionals. They put on one hell of a show, hyping their jump up for the moment of truth. The Rick’s crowd gets heavily involved, and when they finally decide to jump, the applause is heard ‘round the world! Simply and utterly spectacular!

Jamaica 2014 281.jpg

Look at Him UP There on The Perch!!

Tourists can jump, too. There are 3 different platforms to choose from – a low, medium, and high. The small is about 10-15 feet in height. A lot of smaller kids and people not wishing to take on the larger scaled heights choose this platform to jump from. The second level is about 20-25 feet. This is for beginners and intermediate folks that wish to challenge their inner fear of heights. And then there is the 40-45-foot platform. This is the one I like to jump from.

Jamaica 2014 276.jpg

Conrad Ready to JUMP!!

Jamaica 2014 272.jpg

WARNING! Cliff Jumping is DANGEROUS!!

Did You Think I would Really Forget A Picture of A Ricks Sunset ?


Put Ricks on Your Negril To-Do List For When You Come - SOON COME!!


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