Whenever we go some places for our holidays or vacations or just a get away plan, we all have a sunset and sunrise view planned in our minds, what is ao beautiful about a sunset ? what is so refreshing about a sunrise ? Is it just a fluke or something really magical happens.

Beautiful Sunset

As a traveller I have been to a lot of places and I live my trip, photography apart, I live the moat out of every trip of mine because I believe in capturing those moments in my memories instead of my camera (I do photography too), and in those trips there is a particular time comes when I don't want anyone to give me company or to distract or disturb me and that is 'The Sunset'.

When the time comes, I find a quiet place with a clear view of the sky to the end where the aun sets in the oblivion and just enjoy the purity of that salvation. It gives me inner peace that nothing stays forever and nothing goes forever, it will come back tomorrow, that is how it all works.

Sunset is a time when most of the things and beings start to realise that their deed is done for the day and they all try to wrap up their day in a positive way and hope that everything ends well for that day. So sunset is not just a phenomenon, it is a symbol of hope that the sun will again rise tomorrow shedding lights into everyone's life and what was not completed today will end well tomorrow.

That is how a every beautiful sunset come to an end and I move to my chores and everything comes back to normal in my life again, again with friends, with people, clicking pictures, enjoying, so I believe it is magical.I am not an orthodox but yeah this is magic.

Refreshing Sunrise

Sunset was about hope but the sunrise works different here, for me sunrise is a planner, until we drag our feets from our beds, look out of the window or house or a hotel we see that a new day is starting and with a new day comes the new tasks, all sort of tasks, they maybe mine, yours or anyone's. So when do we plan to complete those taks ?When do we start ? I don't know about you but for me it starts when I see the bright ball rising up from the ashes in the blue violet sky .

Whenever I am on a trip somewhere, I have a habit of waking up in the morning early and never miss a sunrise, I don't even bother to wash my face, I quickly drag myself to the sunrise point maybe sometimes with a cup of coffee or a tea or maybe sometimes nothing, just me, and I just sit there waiting for the sun to rise sipping the coffee, my eyes are on the sky but in my mind there is something else cooking, in my mind I start to plan for the entire day starting from just after what I will do after this sunrise, where will I go, what would I be doing then and even after that, I don't write it down on a paper, just the calendar in my mind fills up all the time with different tasks which I am going to do that day. So for me sunrise is a planner.

Thankyou for reading and viewing my photography.