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For this weeks Show Us Your California contest by @socalsteemit I head up into the San Gabriel mountains with my buddy Tyler to climb to the summit of...

Pine Mountain!!

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My buddy Tyler and I headed up the Angeles Crest Highway into the San Gabriel mountains. We drove through Wrightwood, up to Blue Ridge road. Then we drove out Blue Ridge to the North Backbone trailhead and started hiking up the trail. Some sections were extremely steep and covered in loose scree, but where it would flatten out we were able to enjoy the awesome views. The North Backbone trail runs along the top of Mt. Baldy's north ridge giving us huge views both to the east over Lytle creek and to the west over the Prairie fork.


Tyler on the North Backbone trail


Overlooking Prairie fork


Overlooking the North Fork Lytle creek

As we got up to the summit the views just got bigger and better! When we got to the top we ran into a hunter who said he was hunting for bears. Which I thought was pretty odd. I didn't know hunting bears was a popular thing, especially in the San Gabriel mountains, but I don't know much about hunting. After talking to the hunter we found some rocks to hang out on and enjoy the views for awhile before heading back down the super steep trail to the trailhead on Blue ridge road.


Tyler climbing up Pine Mountain


The bear hunter


Dawson peak and Mt. Baldy from the summit of Pine mountain


Tyler on the summit of Pine mountain


Me on the summit of Pine mountain

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Until next time...

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into

My California!!

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all photos by @derekrichardson

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