I reached Pondicherry midnight and the next day from the morning I was in front of the screen. One problem with booking accommodation online is you never know how the neighborhood is going to be and the place I was staying had a very different face than the White Town in Pondicherry.

Rock beach is the main place of attraction in Pondicherry and a place many come to spend their evening. The beach has rocks on the side of the promenade. It was a long day and all I had pretty much nothing from the previous evening.

I went with someone from the hostel. She was from Madurai and an expert in Tamil and local commute. We got into these sharing auto-rickshaws, they’re bigger than autorickshaws. Each of these rickshaws takes around 10 people at once. The ride was really cheap to reach the White Town road.

It was already dark and I was pretty hungry. So, we made the walk a little faster and reached the beach. Many cafes were closed since it was not a weekend, plus, there was some election going on.

Le Cafe is one place I have been to before and decided to never go again for the bitter experience we had for 3 years ago. However, it is said to be the oldest cafe there and the location of the cafe, which is right beside the beach is a great place to sit.

So, we went to this building hoping to find something good to eat inside. There were many small stalls inside the building, most of them closed. That is where we found the huge wings painted on the wall. But the place to eat wasn’t really appealing.

We decided to click some pictures there and I, with all my hunger, thought of having a waffle from one of the stalls. It took around 15-20 minutes to make it and he gave only one part of it :( Well, we had enough waiting and a little more to take the much-needed pictures!

It was not the best place we could find there but I was really not in a place to walk anymore. We did find some cute old things though. This green thingy on the desk and the ceilings and all. The building itself was pretty old.

We settled down somewhere close to the rocks of the beach and suddenly a kid came to us. She had hand-drawn paintings with her. I have stopped giving money or buying things like roses and paintings from them from previous experiences. I don’t think they are really benefited from them instead of encouraged to do this more. So, I had decided to only get them food after the Lavasa incident.

But, no matter what I know about it or how much everyone tries to educate about it, I must admit, it is not easy to refuse, especially to kids. By now, I am strong enough to say No. The girl who was with me bought one painting and she didn’t go away.

I had asked her if she wanted waffles but she refused. She wanted us to buy the paintings. After the other girl bought the painting, this child started insisting on me. I didn’t and asked if she wanted a bite from the waffle, she refused me buying one before.

When it was clear I am not buying the painting she said Yes to waffle and surprisingly just ran away with it. To be honest, we both were not expecting that. I might sound really selfish here but I was really hungry and waiting to eat that.

I didn’t feel sad because of the waffle much. This is neither to blame the child, I hardly know her story. It was kind of a mixed emotion knowing she had learned to make use of at such a young age. I was sad knowing that she might be a year or two older than my nephew and there’s nothing that I can do or maybe anyone to stop her life this way.

We had a good laugh though, and went straight to Le Cafe, the place I never wanted to go. Didn’t I tell you in the last blog I already had a gut feeling about things repeating?! The only difference is, this time the staff didn’t stop us from sitting anywhere we wanted.

On the way back, there was this shared auto rickshaw, oh wait, it had some name, I forgot that! Isn't that cute?! I love the colour combinations in simple things here.