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Bath, an old city reserves a lot of historic remains in the south west part of England! It had been a Roman’s resort, and now it’s still popular for tourists from all over the world!

Bath is also known as “Aquae Sulis” in Latin, and it can be traced back in 43 A.D. that the Romans built the city and named it because of its natural resource of hot spring! And the Romans even built the Roman BaInea and Thermae to enjoy it! Therefore, Bath is world famous for its hot spring after then!





Moreover, Bath is listed one of the world heritages in 1987 by UNESCO, so it attracts more than one million visitors to stop over per year! And for most tourists here, the relic of Roman hot spring is listed a must visit even though it’s not working now, which means people are not able to drink the hot spring water or having a hot spring in it!

In spite of the hot spring, there are many more great buildings and heritages which are all quite worthy of visit! Let’s take a look one by one!




Pulteney Bridge, across over the Avon River. It is famous for its arch shape and it’s also one of a few Bridges in the world with shops on both sides!

✋ Be aware! In order to protect the bridge, it’s limited to pedestrians only, in other words, all the vehicles are not allowed to pass here!



Have you heard or read her works like “Prejudge and Pride,” “Ration and Sensibility?” Then you must know the world famous writer, Jane Austen! If you are a fan of this great English female novelist in 18th century, the house she lived would be a place you never wanna miss!




“The Circus” and “Royal Crescent” are designed in symbolic of sun and moon in the shape of round sun and new moon! It is said the architect’s inspiration is from the Romans’ Colosseum and has deep influence toward architectures in London and Edinburg!

✏️Here’s a suggestion and reminder for you based on my miserable experience! My friends, if you plan to visit this place, do remember to take wide-angle lens with you because it’s the only way to take a full shot for the whole buildings when you are standing in front of them!




Bath is a lovely old city with a little bit exotic atmosphere in England! Maybe that’s due to it has been a resort for both the Romans and people in England, visitors would easily feel relaxed and leisure tone in the city! What’s better, visitors can arrange the famous “Stonehedge” or other charming villages of Cotswold in the schedule!

Hope you enjoy the trip with me! Stay tuned to see more of my sharings!

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