Sky garden, which is a tall building standing in the very center of London City! Situated in high floor, you are able to watch many famous spots like Thames, Shards, London Bridge and many so on! Moreover, it provides tourists chances to have free visit only if spending few minutes booking on the Net! Well, what would be a better choice to watch the great city? So here we are!

天空花園,位於繁忙的倫敦市中心,站在高樓層上可以俯瞰的許多著名的倫敦地標,如倫敦橋,碎片塔,國會大厦,當然還有蜿蜒的泰晤士河!更棒的是只要提前一週在網路預約,憑QR code就可進去參觀,非常方便又環保呢!現在就跟著我一起上去飽覽美景囉!



As stepping down the bus or out of tube, you will go along the busy street full of office buildings and of course you’ll meet many white collar employees here! If some of you have dreamed of living in London, well, I believe it’s such a good chance to see what the so called LONDERNERs’ daily life look like!

Even it’s the first time visiting this city, you don’t have to worry you’ll get lost here; in fact, it’s quite easy to search the right place, GOOGLE IT, of course!




Following the instructions and you’ll arrive the floor! Voila! This is it! An open space with fabulous view, and what’s better, with plenty of plants, you are surely having drinks and light meals in th sky garden!




“What if I justy wanna stop by taking some photos, you may ask?” My dear friends, it’s absolutely no problem! No one would be after your and rush you to finish the wonderful moment watching the great view! You can take your time taking photos or just watching the view without thinking anything else!



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