Have heard people highly recommend the beauty of Oxford for a long time! It is said even more attractive than Cambridge. Well, if you ask me, I would say Oxford is really an old, elegant city with a little of mystery charm as you wandering in the lanes.

As to the reasons, I bet one must be the grand architectures. When you are surrounded by the buildings with long history, it’s really inevitable to hold the awe and easily get stunned! And another reason must be connected to the respect toward the world famous University of Oxford!




Radcliffe Camera
The round architecture is a library of Oxford, and it’s also a landmark out of the unique shape; however, it’s not open to tourists!


Bridge of Sign
It’s said the name probably comes from it’s the connection between the students’ dormitory and the examination room!




According to the photos, you may aware that in Oxford, many architectures are made of light yellow stones or bricks! Imagine the picture, when sunshine shinging upon, there’s glittering glory popping on the buildings, and I have to say that is more than standing out, the beauty is breathtaking!

It’s really amazing this consistent tone which brings a harmony peace toward tourists here! I think that’s why it easily arouse people’s awe toward the whole city! The buildings, streets, colleges spreading around are not able to be separated, and it would be great as they are with each other!




Just like many cities in England, you can choose this hop on/off bus to have a leisure sightseeing trip and have a quick look for the place! If you are bored with the traditional tour and want something special, there’s an alternative choice here! Look, there is a ghost tour for you to explore this city in another spooky way! 👻





Back to the comparison of Cambridge and Oxford, Cambridge is like a young man full of energy and power, so people would easily get affected by the joyful and energetic atmosphere! And I would love to describe Oxford as a well-behaved gentleman who is always with good manner.

If you still have doubt, my friends, I’ll suggest you should had better come and take a look by yourself! Maybe you’ll have your own answer! 😉


World Map


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