At the time of my arrival to Serbia, some European countries started with reimposing travel ban on the country. That left me with quite an easy thinking. I had to leave Belgrade the next morning. Even though this Balkan country did not put any restrictions on me and I was feeling quite free in there, the risk of getting stuck yet again outside EU did not appeal to me. Not after some five months living in Georgia, waiting for them to reopen. So I was destined to keep on going and try to enter Hungary to see if I'll have to quarantine there or not.

One can leave Georgia only to five different countries now, most of them in the Baltic. That was my original plan, to fly to Estonia actually, to hide from hot weather for a bit up north, but Wizzair cancelled my flights on last days of June. The rest is history and you can read about it in my other posts from the last days.

Having established myself in a hostel in the center of Budapest on the island on the Danube river. Without the drunken crowds of Englishmen and a like, I have whole terrace in the hostel for me with amazing view, hammocks and music from nearby Beach bar. Setting can't be better for some quality blogging action.

Editing takes big chunk of my day and as I am resting After one week of proper travel marathon it is perfect activity to keep myself busy and creative. After all I need to be in money saving mode for some time now. The whole trip from Georgia to Budapest had its price and I could live comfortably on that money for another month in Batumi. But on the other hand I wouldn't experience all that madness and total chaos with traveling around during Cervesabug...

This is the final episode from my Grand escape from Georgia. Sit back, take a sip of your favorite drink and join me on the Serbian adventure.