Being calmed down by the gorgeous dolphins of the Black sea, I was finally reaching the coast and all the problems seemed to fade away. Until the quarantine doctor entered our cruise ship.

They went straight after me, because i was the only foreigner to mention the possibility of staying in Burgas. They approached me with a straightforward question. Where I am gonna quarantine? I immidiatly changing my mind and take the second offer of leaving the country in 48 hours.

After all not a bad deal at all. The only problem is where to go now. Greece was on my radar the whole duration of the cruise and I was fantasizing about looking for a bar job on Mykonos or some other Greek island. Luckily the information between people on the ship was circulating fast and I found out the cruel reality of entering Greece. Installing a tracking app and presenting a travel plan to the police.

What a stupid idea that is. They are clearly not thinking about free travelers roaming this planet in the near future. Most likely I would sleep in a hammock somewhere in Greece. Can imagine the face of a border patrol receiving this information.

So I had to change my plan yet again. And it seems like Serbia is easy to reach. One guy who stayed with me the whole duration of the trip was returning to france and had to get quickly to Sofia to catch a bus after he already missed a flight from Burgas. I am in. I will share the journey with him, we'll sleep on a hostel in Sofia and the next day we both go our ways. Sounded like a plan.

Thinking about the rules and regulations now, what sense it makes to let people spend 48 hours in a country where they would otherwise had to quarantine? Isn't it enough time to get into close contact with few hundreds of people? Clearly experts are taking care of the public's safety. But on that note some other time. Now sit back relax and enjoy my video report.