Today i visited Chatuchak park in Bangkok , Thailand i have been to this park before but it is so big that it takes several visits in able to see it all. Chatuchak park is one of the oldest public parks in Bangkok it began construction in 1975 on this land donated by the State Railway of Thailand and today they are still adding more beauty to this enormous area of land.

On my visit this time not only did i want to see more different types of flowers but i was also more looking forward to seeing the butterfly section of this extraordinary park.

It's no means an enclosed area where you can see these butterflies and bees busy at work picking up their pollen it's like a area of these beautiful flowers that is attracting them to fly in and by no means was i having a easy time photographing them so many just buzzing around doing their work but i did get lucky with a couple or butterflies that did land to take a rest.*

After spending maybe just over a hour in this section of the park and taking maybe 100 photos i did manage to come up with some good ones it was time to move on further into the park.

I have notice that every park i have visited in Thailand you will always find large amounts of flying squirrels or ground squirrels living in these parks and they are always fun to watch they are so fast and just about as impossible to photography as butterflies but i did catch a couple in their almost still :)

Orchids are always for me a delight to see i love these flowers they are so pretty and elegant.

Crows are always plentiful and are always humorous with a sense of humor a very remarkable and intelligent bird.

Monitor Lizards are the very popular here in Thailand you will see them in every park in Thailand i have seen many but the one i saw in this park i am sure dated back to the Dinosaur age it was huge and friendly we kept eye contact for awhile and i took several photos of this beauty.

Pigeons you will see in parks all around the world the parks are a good source of the foods as they eat seeds , fruits and some plants and what ever food humans give them.

This water cannon truck made me laugh i don't know what his purpose was those black clouds were going to burst at there seam at any moment yet this water cannon truck was just spraying water into the air the only purpose it served was sending people

Trees are always amazing to look at and every park i have been to in Thailand have a great variety of trees to look at but my favorite trees are the mysterious , spiritual Banyan tree they have so much character and can also look very spooky.

The rock section of the park was also very pretty and very beautifully manicured with cute little statues sitting around.

This was rather cute nothing goes to waste over here i love the way they have made use of this little utility truck.

And that water cannon truck i had mention early on must have done it's trick encouraging them black clouds to open up and it started bucketing down lucky i found myself undercover.

After that monsoon storm passed i made my way over the other side of the park to see what other unusual flowers i could find i always love looking out for different flowers.

Some of these flowers i have seen before and some not but as with names of butterflies that i don't know i am the same with flowers and google never helps me but i can say they are just pretty.

Apart from all the natural beauty in this park there is also a bicycle track and many joggers also use this park at all hours. This little girl was definitely breaking the speed limit my camera couldn't even catch her how adorable.

And after a six hour walk around this park it got dark on me my feet were sore and it was time to head home and i will leave you with this beautiful sunset i hope you enjoyed your walk around the park with me. Thanks for joining me :)

Chatuchak Park do visit this park if your ever in Bangkok you will love it.

Address: Kamphaeng Phet Road 3 , Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Hours: Opens 4.30 am - Closes : 9.00 pm. 7 days a week.
Phone: 094 465 1519

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