Do you consider to visit Lombok? Check out this vlog and get inspired how a day on your vacations on Lombok could look like. This footage was filmed in one day. I'll take you to the places we went, the restaurants and cafes we've eaten and the activities we've done.

We woke up early and enjoyed an amazing breakfast with delicious smoothies, scrambled egg and fresh fruits. A scooter ride to Kuta on Lombok. Filling up the tank and driving further to the first beach stop and surf spot. Rent a board and paddle the whole morning. Afterwards a lunch with vitamins and carbohydrates. In the afternoon relaxing at a super calm beach called "pantai aan". End the day with some delicious food like burger and cheesecake in the Krnk restaurant. let me know if you have any questions about the island and leave me a comment.

Day on Lombok | Travel Vlog 78

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