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You create amazing travel content. We make your blog fast, beautiful and profitable.



As a traveler, you learn about the real insider tips. By recording your adventures and sharing them with other travelers, you create value.



With our powerful EasyEditor you can craft beautiful posts without any HTML or Markdown knowledge.



Automatically monetize your content: Get paid in cryptocurrency by enabling cross-posting to social blockchains.

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TravelFeed is Easy

With TravelFeed, you don't need to be a web developer, SEO pro, marketing expert or entrepreneur to have a successful travel blog. Focus on what you do best: Creating amazing travel content.


Over 19x faster than Wordpress

While most conventional blogs such as most Wordpress installations are using dated technology based on just-in-time rendering on a single server resulting in long access times from most parts of the world, we deliver your blog statically optimized through our global Edge CDN.

  • Zero configuration - we do all optimizations automatically
  • Ultra fast access times from every corner of the world
  • Never waste time updating plugins, themes or the database

Grow your audience with our large community

Many new travel bloggers face the issue that their blogs are not getting any views. Could there be anything more frustrating than putting hours of hard work and passion into a post, only to have it go under in the depts of the internet?

With your TravelFeed blog, all your posts go not only to your own blog, but are also shown to a community of thousands of travelers on TravelFeed.

  • TravelFeed is an established site - your posts rank high in search engines from day one
  • Our curation team provides exposure to quality posts - a great opportunity for newcomers
  • Earn advertising revenue not only from your own blog, but also from TravelFeed
Watch our presentation at Steemfest 2019 where we talk about the advantages of travel blogging on TravelFeed and our plans for this platform

Choose your Plan

Our mission is to make travel blogging accessible for everyone, no matter your budget. This is why we cover all costs to get started in our free forever community plan. Upgrade to a paid plan at any time to get your own blog on your own domain.




Free forever0/month

Great for beginners, hobby bloggers and developers

  • Publish your Posts on
  • Earn Crypto with Cross-Posting
  • For Developers: Self-host your Blog using our free Public API and Open Source Example Projects
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Passive Income from Advertising
Coming soon


Great for beginning professional travel bloggers. All community features as well as:

  • Your Own Blog
  • Earn from Advertising (commission applies)
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Lightning-Fast Access Times through our Global Edge CDN
  • Includes a free .com Domain
Coming soon


Great for advanced bloggers who want to scale to multiple blogs. Includes all features from Community and Pro as well as:

  • Earn from Advertising (no commission)
  • Up to 10 Blogs
  • Up to 10 Custom Domain Names
  • Includes one free .com Domain

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