Another one of my memories from my visit to the Chang Mai area was our visit to Huay Tung Tao park at the foot of the Doi Sutherland mountains.

Huay Tung is a park and tourist destination with a man made lake and many activities such as: swim, paddle boat , fishing, rafting and more. I believe the lake was a request made by Chiang Mai people or thai king 9

There are many objects and home stay building made from rice products in the area which make it quite unique. Most of all, it is desire for its laid back nature and escape from city life.

There are paths to walk and if you are a water person you will have a choice of things to do. We liked it because it was so quiet, so peaceful and a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.

The home stay huts are simple in architecture and yet appealing as they blend with nature.

Don’t worry there are plenty of vendors there that offer various foods and snacks. There is even a small restaurant and menu oils both in Thai and English. If you enjoy fresh cut fruit and and spicy nuts you will be quite happy for these snacks.

There is something of interest for every child and adult. If you like seeing unique characters and structures, Huay Tung is a place for you and your family.

Don’t be afraid of some of the tourist masks

Huang Tung lake is only about 12km from the center of Chang Mai so it is not a long drive and yet it seems you are far away from city life and in the country with fresh air.

I would definitely add Huay Tung Tao Lake to your visit checklist if you are in the Chang Mai area. The low cost and variety of things to do and see make it well worth it. Thank you for reading my story of my memories of this great little park in Thailand.