The entrance to the Anusarn Market with lots of lights

Hey Steemians and Hiveians,

My post today will be about a temple, as you can probably imagine - no, I'm just kidding, as you can probably see by the title. Today I will tell you about our first visit to a night market, more precisely the Anusarn Market in Chiang Mai.

The Anusarn Market is especially known as Food and Walkingstreet. It opens daily from 18:00, but I would recommend you to go there at 19:00 at the earliest, preferably even when it's dark, so you get the feeling of a real night market - and it's a bit more "special". Especially the colourful fairy lights you can find at every corner look ten times better in the dark ;)

We heard from many people before our visit that Anusarn Market is a good alternative to Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. To be honest, I can't judge that, because we didn't visit the Night Bazaar. But now to Anusarn Market:

The large Market Hall with lots of souvenirs and clothes

On the night market you will find mainly cosy pubs, fish restaurants, food stalls, clothes and souvenir stalls. Above all, there is a large selection of restaurants. There you can eat relatively cheap. To be honest I would recommend the Anusarn Market mainly because of its already bigger "food mile". The food is cheap, for example you can get a pizza for about 100 Baht (that's about 3 Euro). Many restaurants also offer a Happy Hour where you can get a big bottle of Chang beer for 100 Baht. In addition you get a bottle for free.

We thought that the Anusarn Market is definitely worth a visit! Although you can buy the same souvenirs here as on almost all markets in Chiang Mai and Thailand, sometimes you can find one or the other souvenir that stands out from the others. In addition you can do a little restaurant "Hopping" here for a really good price ;)

What you should know before you visit the market is that despite the many Thai dishes it is a very touristy and crowded market. There is a lot of mass-produced goods and souvenirs on offer here and rather less curious traders seem to produce their goods themselves. You will also hear a lot of English and German, as in most places in the bigger cities in Thailand. But that didn't bother us - we wanted to visit a real night market. If this is your destination, you've come to the right place. At the entrance you will see many beautiful lights and while walking across the market you can almost feel the Thai food in your mouth.

So it's best to go to the Anusarn Market with a not quite full stomach ;)

At this stand we treated ourselves to a healthy smoothie - for a little money (about 1 Euro I think). Here in Thailand you can really get the healthy smoothies for very little money - we almost lived on them, you could say lol

Apart from the delicious food and souvenirs, there are also some ladyboy shows for visitors. You can also go for a massage (which is really extremely cheap everywhere in Thailand) and listen to live music in the bars.

I hope you enjoyed the post, even though it is a bit older like some of my posts. For those of you who are in Chiang Mai right now and want to visit the market, I checked if the market is closed because of covid-19, but did not find any information on the internet. If you plan to visit the night market, you better inform yourself before ;)

Leave me your feedback! I am looking forward to my next post here :)