Today I want to tell you more about the Rajamontean Temple. I already mentioned him in one of my last posts, but it was to short in my opinion;)

The Rajamontean temple is located in Chiang Mai. It is located directly on a moat that surrounds the old town in a square.

Colorful kites are expected at the entrance. There is a giant Buddha right next to the entrance on the left. You can see him very well from the street. The Buddha in particular makes the temple so unique and special - so far we have always seen smaller Buddha statues directly on a temple.

Me at the entrance of wat rajamontean next to the dragon statues

The Wat Rajamontean - golden and red colors

In this picture you can see the many different colors with which the temple is decorated in great

The giant Buddha was only built in 2010. What we particularly liked about the Wat Rajamontean was, of course, the golden Buddha statue, but also that the temple was adorned with a lot of colorful stones and looked relatively new. Especially in the sun with his golden suit, the Buddha looked very "noble" but also powerful. Maybe that was also due to its size;) Nevertheless, it somehow had a calming effect on me. In general, it was one of the most colorful temples we have visited in all of Thailand.

The impressive buddha in

The temple complex was visited better than most of the other temples that we visited in Chiang Mai, but it is no comparison to the temples in Bangkok, where you could really "feel" tourism. Unlike many other temples in Chiang Mai, there was a plateau at the height of the temple and we could walk around the whole temple. You can the a part of the pleateau in the first picture.

**Wat Kuan Kama, called the Horse Temple **

Right next to Wat Rajamontean is the Kuan Kama. The Wat Kuan Kama is also called the Horse Temple. This is because the wall of the temple is adorned with many horse statues. This can already be seen from the street. On the temple complex there are other animal statues to be admired, which are based on the Chinese calendar: cows, rats and snakes and many more are also included.

Wat Kuan

A horse statue right in front of the Wat Kuan Kama

Even if my post today was again about a temple, I hope you enjoyed the post. Ic often consider whether a particular attraction or event is "worth" to post, so to speak. But in Chiang Mai there were just too many beautiful temples (around 200, of which we might have visited a tenth) that I simply had to post. And I tried to show you different temples - I think it worked out quite well. Maybe one or the other post about a temple will be added. In this sense: I hope you enjoyed the post and would like to leave me a feedback;)