This is a Tube or Underground in London.

Last week my #vehiclephotography entry contest was Paris Metro and today I will write on London Tube or Underground (it is not named in Metro or Subway either).

Tube play important role in public transport in London and always is my second choice after the recognized Big Red Double-Decker bus. However, it is recommended for first time visitor to take advantage of the tube to run around within this vibrant city as it intensively covers everywhere especially in Zone One. which including most of the London attractions such as Hyde Park, St Paul Cathedral, London Eye, Oxford Street, Tower of London, British Museum, Leicester Square and so on.

In addition to it, tourist also can ride the Tube directly from Heathrow Airport to London town centre via Piccadilly Line which in dark blue colour. There are total 11 colour coded lines for the tube.

The photo taken at Earl's Court Station at the afternoon on March 2017 and the door tube is opened waiting for passengers riding. It is a complicated station as all the Green District Line run into the same path (either eastbound or westbound direction) till reach this station then splits into many lines .During traveled to Fulham Boardway, Westminster, South Kensington and Bayswater , I occasionally need to take a glance the final destination which display at the front of the tube then checking the map again to ensure not go into the wrong tube.

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