Hello TravelFeed community I have been in 14 countries in the last 18 months and I really like what I have found in Chiang Mai.

Best Festivals to Attend in Thailand
If Your travelling to Thailand in late October, early November make sure to go to Chiang Mai for Loy Krathong In 2020, Loy Krathong falls on 31st October. It is a light festival better known in Thailand as the Lantern Festival. It happens on the full moon day, the festival is celebrated nationwide.

Check out the pictures from the most recent event the "Loy Kratong Festival" What an amazing time with friendly, fun loving people. This event is held every year on November 11 & 12. A crowd of people with a lantern and candles make their way to the river PIng then light the candles while holding the paper lanterns up so as not to burn them. Then when the air is sufficiently warmed the lantern expands and with a slight tug of upward pressure you can hear the rush of air exhaled by the people holding the lanterns.

It is a wonderful Asian culture when rivers and canals are full of water. HIstorically people in Lanna Kingdom in the north of Thailand also show respect to rivers, but they use fire instead. They float a lantern like a hot-air balloon in the sky which is called Yee Peng. And now we still can find this celebration in Chiang Mai. Check out these pictures. In future blogs I will be exploring the local golf courses, and provide info on where to play and what you need to pay also motorcycle or scooter rides of interest in and around on roads in Chiang Mai. Talk soon Kerry

Loy Kratong Festival in Chiang Mai

A fun and amazing festival in Chiang Mai