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It is one of the most beautiful and legendary streets in the world: we are talking about the legendary Highway No. 1 in California. We take you on the trip and show you the fantastic Street between Los Angeles and San Francisco in only four minutes. Underway we have seen dramatic cliffs, imposing sequoias and endless beaches. You will have the sun behind you for a better view in die morning and on your left side she is when the evening comes. And you drive through picturesque coastal towns and sonorous metropolises - the winding California State Route 1 along the California Pacific coast, better known as Highway No. 1, is a dream for every asphalt cowboy.

No heavy load

Those who drive from south to north have the best view, but you can’t stop at the sea side at any time, you must cross the street before. No problem, this higway isn’t under heavy load the most oft the time. Don’t miss the Gigantic Redwoods in Sequoia National Park, the unforgettable view at Bodega Bay, the Pebble Beach along 17 Mile Drive, the Pfeiffer State Park and the coastal town of Monterey and her colonies of formidable elephant seals in nearby Año Nuevo State Park.

Best time to travel

The legendary Highway 1, official named “California State Route 1”, begins in San Diego, about 100 kilometers south of Los Angeles, and it ends in Garberville, just under 400 kilometers north of San Francisco. Between this distance it goes always along the dramatic Pacific coast. Not a target for itself like the big national parks like Yosemite or Bryce or the Monument Valley in the Grand Canyon National Park. But you have to try to take it as one of the highlights of your "Best of the West"-tour.

A classic itself

Because the road trip along Highway 1 is a classic in itself and has impressive state parks too. The route is passable all year round, but the best time for a road trip is in summer between July and September, as it is often rainy and cool in winter, and the coast is often overcast with clouds in May and June. Whether you plan your road trip from south to north - like we have done - or vice versa is entirely up to you. On the north to south route you have an uninterrupted view of the sea, but the views and the light on the way from south to north is much better.