Hello all my mates from hive and steem. This time I want to share about food in my country. One of the deli snack is Dodol Betawi. Before we know more about dodol Betawi let's know Betawi.
Betawi people or Betawis (Orang Betawi in Indonesian, meaning "people of Batavia"), are an Austronesian ethnic group native to the city of Jakarta and its immediate outskirts, as such often described as the native inhabitants of the city.[2] They are the descendants of the people who inhabited Batavia (the colonial name of Jakarta) from the 17th century onwards.

Closing to Ramadhan and Iedul Fitri in Islamic calender, many Betawi people make some snacks. The snacks are usually will be served in Lebaran Day or celebration of Iedul Fitri when there are a lot guests come to their houses.



In Indonesia there are many kinds of Dodol. Dodol is made from sticky rice flour or sticky rice cake with coconut sugar and some inggredients.
Dodol Betawi is a special cake from sticky rice that is originally made by Betawi etnic. What is the different Dodol Betawi and Dodol Bandung or Sundanese. Dodol Betawi has little variants in taste. There are only original, durian, and sesame seed. It needs long process to make Betawi that's why this snack is little bit expensive because only few Dodol makers that presents right now.

The taste is Dodol Betawi is sweet and special because it uses coconut palm and coconut milk. The process of cooking is long and should be stired slowly. When people make dodol in a bulk, they need big pan to make it. To stir the dough, there are four to five men to do that. Dodol Betawi is a good for a gift when you travel to Indonesia. If you are interested to try this cake you can contact me. The price is 2 USD.