So we arrived on a deserted coast,
As I told you earlier, "0 km" is a conditional place where the Danube flows into the sea.This is the place where time seems to have stopped. The world of modern civilization has remained somewhere there, but here is a world of calm and silence, unique landscapes.

Curious tourists want to see everything for themselves ... Oh yes, This place has gone through many storms over the decades. Danube water constantly throws soil and algae into the sea. Territory turned into a cape. To date, the land on the island of Ankudinov has grown by almost 2.5 kilometers, and nature here has acquired a kind of virgin beauty, almost untouched by people.

Boat mooring.

Wooden pier ... from the boards.

I was here 5 years ago. Something has changed here.There are new information boards. We left the boat and went to inspect the coast. There was nobody on the coast except us.

Oh, it's like an uninhabited new land. We arrived, only 7 people.🙂

In 1998, the “0-km” mark was at this place .. Now there are bushes and trees overgrown here.

Our guide placed a ticket about our visit to the territory in this inbox. This ecological route leads to the Danube Jungle ..


This is a bird watching place. The bird world of the Danube Delta is rich and diverse.

The inhabitants of these places are no less interesting for naturalists - gray goose, Eurasian coot , different types of ducks, mallard and red-headed duck, pink and curly pelican

However, we saw birds on the water.

The first whom we saw from the birds are the dazzling white swans against the background of dark thickets.

Swans with a brood.

Black cormorants on an islet tree.

Wow, what a variety of birds lives here!

Cormorants, herons, pelicans are found everywhere

You can just sit on benches enjoying the silence and scenery.


Now we go to the side where the river connects to the sea.

The landscape seems deserted.

The river brought tree branches, they entrenched in the sand.

I walked slowly and examined the coastline.


Small waves beat against the shore.

I found Water caltrop- the fruit.

And here is the plant.

The relief of the coast apparently has this appearance due to storm

There again flocks of birds. But you can’t go any further ..Nature reserve.Truly room for birds and plants!

Plants have found new places to grow.

And in the hollow of a tree.

It's time to go back.

I left an inscription in the sand. The wave washed away all traces.

It's time to go back. We want to visit the island where people live, away from civilization. But this is a differ

The Danube Delta is a museum of nature, flora and fauna, it is unique in Europe.

It's time to go back. We want to visit the island where people live, away from civilization. But this is a differ

My walk for #WednesdayWalk initiated by @tattoodjay , and @melinda010100's #FeardedFriday,

Original photos by @leylar (The photos were taken by OLYMPUS E-M1 Lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO)

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