So, friends, our journey continues. If you missed its beginning, you can see it in the previous post:


We have to leave the port of Kronstadt and our way lies in the waters of the Gulf of Finland. We want to see some of those old FORTS, which were built in the 18th century. While waiting for our ferry, we look back at this small port city to understand how many interesting things we did not have time to visit.


From here you can see the gilded dome of the Cathedral from the pier. But we planned to get acquainted with him in our next visit. Because this place deserves a separate story.


This Cathedral deserves special attention because it is the main naval Cathedral of Russia (date of construction 1903-1913 )

At the Marina we escorted two interesting character. This cat and dog - ship friends sailors. This monument was installed not very long ago, but has also become a city landmark. So it happened a long time ago, when Kronstadt became the main port in the Baltic sea, that cats and dogs remain permanent inhabitants of the island. Cats catch mice on ships, dogs guard the territory, so each of them does his job.


Finally landing is finished and our ferry, passing by large warships, out to sea. We go to the nearest Fort, which is called "Kronshlot"


This is a man-made island and this is the first fortress that was installed here to prevent enemy ships from passing. Preparation of construction began in the autumn of 1703 and in January 1704, when everything was covered with a layer of ice , there began to make large wooden boxes and fill them with large stones.


Then these boxes were lowered under the ice. Thus they served as the basis of the fortress. This model was invented and made by Peter I. after the stone base was ready, a three-tier wooden tower was built on it. The fortress had the form of ten faces, and it was located 14 guns. It was thought that by her it was impossible to pass without hindrance. Peter called Kronshlot-Crown castle.


This is how it looks like an artificial island. In addition to the fortress, there are 2 lighthouse. This Fort is currently out of order and closed to the public.



Well, our ferry "Reeperbahn" goes further into the sea and in the distance there is the next Fort. (if you look in the direction of the ship, you can see a black dot in the distance)


This is Fort Alexander The first-Russian Fort Boyard. I talked about it in more detail a few days ago. Interesting history of this grandiose construction. Now it is especially attractive for tourists, but it is also officially forbidden to land on the territory of the Fort. It was even planned to hold a summit in 2007, but for security reasons it was decided to abandon this idea. More details about it you can see in my blog


Leaving behind and this next Fort we move further and further. You probably say that it is a pity not to be able to go ashore and explore everything inside.


But there is a Fort that is officially open to the public. Its name is Fort "Constantine". That's where we're headed now. This is the end point of our ferry route. Here we go ashore to get acquainted with this historic place.


Our ferry is safely moored and we go down the ladder. Well, I'll say goodbye to all of you until next time...

To be continued


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Location: Kotlin Island, Russia

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