Clouds form in many shapes and sizes. There are mainly high-level clouds, mid-level clouds and low-level clouds. The types of clouds generally depend on the altitude level from the Earth's surface in which they are formed.

According to, the types of clouds are divided into three levels:

High-level clouds (5-13 km): cirrocumulus, cirrus, and cirrostratus.
Mid-level clouds (2-7 km): altocumulus, altostratus, and nimbostratus.
Low-level clouds (0-2 km): stratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus, and stratocumulus.

In Wikipedia, they talk about multi-level clouds that extend between different levels of clouds.

Clouds, in my opinion, are wonderful to look at. Well, when they are happy clouds, which means white fluffy cotton like that makes you happy just looking at them. Happy clouds always remind me of the 80s cartoons, Care Bears and My Little Pony and Friends. Then, not forgetting The Faraway Tree series written by Enid Blyton where different lands come to visit the tree and I would always imagine the Faraway tree being really huge, high above the clouds, similarly to Jack and the Beanstalk.

And because clouds form in so many different shapes and sizes, we will never get bored taking shots of them. When I travel, on the road, in the sky, walking or at the sea, my handy mobile phone is ever ready to take photos of the amazing clouds. Some are so beautiful that one can't help but to admire the beauty that forms. I especially love it when the white clouds are formed in blue, blue skies or during sunrise or sunsets.

Most white fluffy cottony clouds are happy clouds to me, like Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Cumulus, Altocumulus. Then, there are also scary clouds, the ones that are gray and tells us that rain is coming like Altostratus clouds or a storm is brewing such as the Nimbostratus.

When I visited a friend in Canberra, the capital city of Australia a few years back, on the first day, we took a walk into the woods behind my friend's house and boy, was I in awe. The sky was so blue and the clouds were so thick, white and cottony. I am guessing that these are Cumulus clouds:


As we continued our walk, we saw more puffy clouds in the blue sky:



After the breathtaking walk, we went for a drive around town and I couldn't help but take this photo of the vertically long clouds at a traffic junction:


However, during the drive, the sky was getting dark as we passed by the National Library of Australia. The clouds look quite like Altostratus or maybe Nimbostratus:


We then visited the Australia War Memorial and the clouds continue to look quite scary:


Somehow, while inside the Memorial building, the sky outside didn't look that dark.
This was a perspective view with leading lines of the Roll of Honour section:

...a long series of bronze panels recording the names of over 102,000 members of the Australian armed forces who have died during or as a result of warlike service, non-warlike service and certain peacetime operations.


The next day, we drove to the Bungonia National Park and this was the view of the sky during the drive and the day continued to look a little gloomy:


And at the park, there was a "Standing on the edge" viewing station and the view was breathtaking but the clouds were threatening with rain:


All photos were taken using my Canon IXUS 970IS and resized on Canva

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