Two stories in here today first the goslings and then the Pied Kingfisher at the ocean!

Now I know why the parents leave their babies alone at several times during the day. They sacrifice these little beauties until from twelve there is only one or two left.
The logic behind this is that the parents cannot raise so many babies and they can only handle one or two. In the meantime mother nature has to feed her predators and they feast on the babies.
But let me show you the beauty of these little ones!


This little guy was idling around in the pond as if he was waiting for someone!
This is an Egytian goose gosling!


Sure enough, they must have arranged a meeting as these two, late as usual was rushing to meet him!


Here they were discussing the latest political situation in the pond!


They seemed to have arrived at a decision and joined the other three. There were five of them!


Of course mom showed up now and then!


This is their gathering spot!


Mom took off for another swim alone and the babies were left alone.


Like a predator this allowed me to raid their siesta with my camera!


Such a cute show here of little ones preparing for the night!


Mom returned and the show was over!

Now for a quick look at the Pied Kingfisher hunting in the sea!


There he is, the famous fish diver!


Sadly the day was overcast, but I got him patrolling high up above the surf!


Wait! Looks like he has spotted something to eat!


Bang, this is how he spears the fish with his sharp beak!

And That's All Folks!

One day I will catch the kingfisher in a full dive, but this was not the day. Nevertheless I hope that you could follow his actions.
This was my first time to see him hunting in the sea, as I have seen him a few times before, only in lakes and rivers.

Someone once said; "Life is strange" and in a song Johnny Nash sings, "There are more questions than answers and the more I find out, the less I know"
Sounds familiar doesn't it?
We have a modern term for this condition, as we call it "information overload" Lol.

Nature can be all things to everyone, severely simple and at the same time severely intricate. But her arms are always open and she tells each of us what we need to know. No more and no less.
Just enough for us to know how to lead our lives!

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