Multifunctional Bike.jpg

Source: #smartphonephotography with my trusted Samsung Note 4.

Photo shot in Osaka, Japan. A cyclist in my younger days but never have I come across a bicycle like this. Amazing, how does one cycle safely with so much baggage in front and at the back? Wished I had the time to linger around to discover and learn more about the owner.

I wonder if it belonged to a homeless or someone who needs to carry lots of stuff out of compulsion (I forgot the name of the disorder in psychology). On a closer look, the bicycle is clean and well-maintained. And hey, even the cover of the bicycle chain has green polka dots. This person must truly love his or her bicycle. Truly a mystery.

But then, I realized I've not come across a single homeless person throughout my eight days holiday in Japan. No one sleeping on the streets, no beggars waiting for a handout, no one searching the bins for food. Is that a coincidence or truly no homeless on the streets in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, the cities I recently visited? How did Japan achieve that being the most expensive place to live in the world?

One thing for sure, Japanese people, young and old work their butts off. Never have I seen so many people still in their working clothes, mainly in their office suits and still with their ties on either having very late dinners at restaurants or making their home on their bicycles or trains close to midnight. Serious workaholics I must say.

If anyone can shed some light on this bicycle, beg tell. My photo is incomplete without the actual story behind it. :(