Visiting Candy Crush HQ

A while ago we visited London in the United Kingdom.


You must know, my wife has a black belt on the Candy Crush game. As a matter of fact, I am 100 percent certain the developer King games has hired a dedicated developer to create extra levels just solely for my wife.

So by totally unforeseen coincidence we bumped up upon King Games Head Quarter. Obviously we had to make a mandatory photograph with her being in front of the main entrance. We were a bit too shy to ask if they might have let us in for a little tour inside the place where it all happens for the game. We just moved on, known we captured this special place. Until this very day the game is played every day.

Apple store

Also we found an Apple store. And because I adore this brand, I made a picture of the store. Most of the time when visiting a city with a Apple Store, even if I don’t need anything, I just have to visit the store. The philosophy behind these stores is just intriguing. Almost no one knows Steve Jobs himself paid close attention to everything you see and feel in these stores. Did you know that Steve Jons hated dedicated static cash registers? That is why you won’t ever see one in any store. He just thought of something more practical. Every Apple person you see in the store is a walking cash register. That way a buybis made without the customer giving enough time to hesitate if he would buy the product or not. Smart hey!