Hello everyone reading this post. For a long time we have not traveled to interesting places. Today we fix it. I think it will be interesting to everyone.


In the very center of St. Petersburg there is an unusual museum. This is an interactive museum of retro cars with the appropriate name "Route 66".


At the entrance, guests are met by Elvis, and behind him - a rare collection of cars produced in America in the years 1940-1970.



The museum has several thematic areas. Each car has its own zone in which the atmosphere of legendary action films is created.
Here you can do everything. Sit in a luxury car and turn the steering wheel, lie down on the hood, climb into the trunk, take pictures by car, in it and under it, pick it up in the engine. You can feel like a Hollywood star, driving the world in a world of revived American automotive classics.



Imagine yourself in Las Vegas next to Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. And in a few minutes you are already driving a cadillac zombie hunter surrounded by the dead. Then rush to the Indiana Jones SUV in search of the lost ark. A huge machine “Ghostbusters” is waiting for you to go to work. Want to free the world from crime - the police supercar is on the way.


The name of the museum did not appear by chance. Route 66 is one of the first highways in the US numbered motorway system. Highway 66 was opened on November 11, 1926.


Thanks to everyone who walked with me on this legendary road.