The beginning of the manufacture of these unusual, sunny hours was the blacksmith's forge festival. It was here that the first parts of the watch appeared. Then the masters who worked for almost two months joined the work.
The sundial “Time of the Master” is simply huge, 2.2 meters high, and weighing about 500 kilograms.
Such sundials are equatorial, because the core of the clock is set at an angle of 60 degrees, and this is the breadth of St. Petersburg, and is directed to the north. The core is called the gnomon, it casts a shadow on the dial, which serves as an arrow of the clock. The plane of the dial is made in the form of a spiral of the golden section and lies in the plane of the celestial equator.
In order for the sundial to show the exact time, it was necessary to make quite serious calculations, which the St. Petersburg master Dmitriev spent. But only in those days when there is no sun and no shadow, no time can be defined.


By the watch “Time of the Master” you can determine the time with sufficient accuracy within a day. But it is necessary to take into account that the sundial shows astronomical time. In accordance with the tradition of the 18th century, the clock shows true solar time, which differs from our, modern, time by 2 hours.


Do not check the time of your wrist watch, if you still wear them, or cell phones with the sundial time. Just lift your head and look at the chimes of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, which are visible from everywhere. There present, St. Petersburg time, and even with music every 15 minutes.


Everything has its time, and the time of every thing under the sky: time to scatter stones, and time to collect, ... and there is nothing better than to enjoy a person’s affairs: because this is his share.

Authors of the watch creation idea: V.Kondurov, V.Sokhanevich. Calculations and the project - V.Dmitriev.
Produced by the masters of the Metal Artists' Guild: V.Kondurov, V.Sokhanevich, S. Antoshkin, P.Lednev and the participants of the 10th St. Petersburg Blacksmithing Festival Golden Ivata in 2014.


The sundial is located not far from the Naryshkin bastion, from which a gun fires every day at exactly 12 o'clock in the afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who again went with me to the Peter and Paul Fortress.