More recently, in May of this year, to the next birthday of the city, a monument to a carriage was erected, officially this composition is called the Memorable sign "Change of Epochs". Apparently this is due to the transition from the carriage to the "smart" clock, installed at the top.


This monument is unusual to those inside it there are wires that are necessary for a watch. This watch is in a shockproof glass case, and is also connected to the Glonass system, with a Swiss movement that does not require winding. Time set by satellite.


In this bronze carriage, you can sit down and immediately find in it a “forgotten” metal wallet. Do not forget to rub it for good luck, and leave a coin next.
Almost everyone has a question, why there are no horses? This is how the author of the composition, muralist Alexander Dobrovolsky explains this.

“Horses are not needed: the principle“ a glass is half empty or half full ”operates here. Everyone chooses for himself. The stroller is in limbo: either we are restoring or dismantling.

The monument to the coach is not accidentally installed here, because from 1766 this street was called Karetnaya, and now it is the 1st Rozhdestvenskaya, renamed in 2017, although the old Soviet name is still written on the maps of the city. In Soviet times, the street was like a pedestrian, with a bunch of shopping kiosks, garbage. Such an improvised market, where everyone did what he wanted.


Then came the era of the struggle with the stalls that were demolished in a week - we do it quickly and better than anyone in the world. Most of the joy was with the owners of the cars, who immediately put their cars.
In 2015, the street decided to make "real" pedestrian. They thought for two years, then did another year, and finally - another pedestrian street was open. By the way, who does not know where this street is located, I inform you - at the metro Ploshad Vosstaniya and opposite the Moscow railway station.