chiang mai, north thailand

best working space in chiang mai we found so far. not only the interior is stunning - even the coffee is awesome. always remember to choose an environment, which inspires you for good. this advice doesn’t count only for work. I learned that it’s even more important to choose your social environment wisely. invest yourself in people and let yourself get inspired by people with a lifestyle you appreciate. there is always an option to choose. not everything in life can be chosen. but still, very much the people you surround yourself with. take a brave step towards your personal growth and choose your environment. a positive mindset is a daily choice. it starts all with a thought and a decision... it’s up to you.


we chose to spend time in this café, cause it’s inspiring and a good environment to get things done.

did you notice; if you have the opportunity to do something very boring in an exciting place - the work starts to get kind of fun. tidy up your workplace, reorganize your stuff or move yourself to another place helps definitely. focus on the good and choose the positive mindset. ok. that’s it for now. thanks for your attention, dear steem community. It’s a pleasure to share life with all of you! 😊

love from sue.

I‘m a photographer for 10 years. I travel and work around the world to focus on more important things in life than career, money or things. It’s an amazing adventure. I love God‘s creation; people, nature and lots of other things on this beautiful planet earth.

would love to share my travel- stories with you. thanks for your interest. :-) stay tuned. xoxo sue