Okay, so we were stranded. This was definitely NOT what I expected for my first international flight. Still, I wanted to get the most out of it. So, we tried our luck and went out.

Longshan Temple

This is a popular temple in Taiwan and also where you can buy the most delicious rice biscuits. However, because of the typhoon, it was closed. We only had to look at it across the street.

A bit disappointed but not giving up, we sought another place to go. We googled and came across the Core Pacific City shopping mall, also known as Living Mall. Its distinct feature is a large ball located at the front of the mall. We went into the mall through the back entrance which had a really long escalator.

They had wonderful interior designs, but locating the stores and food shops were very difficult, especially for first-timers like us.

By the time it was 2 PM, the shops started to close. The weather has gotten worse and the mall was forced to close their shops early. We panicked a bit and when we went outside, we saw how a Taiwan typhoon looked like. It was downright scary. The wind was so rough and the rain was heavy. It was still a long walk to the MRT station. And when we got there, it was packed with people drenched in the same rain.

It was a Monday. We still had work to do a bit later. Yes, the life of a digital nomad. We were very lucky to have both 7 Eleven and Mini Stop nearby. So, we grabbed some dinner at Mini Stop and bought some coffee and midnight snacks in 7 Eleven.

Microwaved food and kiwi. Quite a combination, eh?

So basically, this is how I spent my last night in Taiwan.

That’s it for my Taiwan blog series! If you’re from the Philippines and plan on going to Taiwan soon, you can check my other blogs as a travel guide for the not-so-smart travellers (like me!)

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